COD: Modern Warfare 3 - No-Steam Multiplayer!!

COD: Modern Warfare 3 - No-Steam Multiplayer! 
Play Multiplayer for Free via TeknoGod's Loader with Reloaded/Steam releases.
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UPDATED: Feb 2012 - added Update 4, TeknoGod's Loader 2.4, and TEP files.
UPDATED: March 4, 2012: Added updated TeknoGod's Loader v2.6.3.0!!
Note: All servers and clients below v2.61 of loader have been dropped.

For those of you who "tried-before-you-bought" the game in the older Modern Warfare 3 post, here is a new tutorial to help you setup Modern Warfare 3 for multiplayer action.  If you have the Reloaded release or the Steam version, this will get you updated and ready to play.

AlterIWnet has released a new multiplayer client called AlterMW3, but it is very buggy at the moment and actually breaks the singleplayer portion of the game.  TeknoGod's has also released a new loader which supports all game modes and is the culmination of 3 months of hard labor and testing.  AlterMW3 requires an always-on internet connection and only works if their server is up. On the other hand, TeknoGod's Loader works over the internet, but it doesn't require an internet connection making it perfect for LAN matches!!  Due to these facts, this guide will focus on getting TeknoGod's loader up and running, since the AlterMW3 program causes more problems than it's worth.
I was originally going to make a new post for BlackOps since AlterIWnet had also released an AlterOps client, but that is also buggy, it breaks singleplayer, and doesn't support Zombies.

Continue reading for the latest update, fix, and playing either Reloaded or Steam versions.

Reloaded vs Steam [HLDS] Release PART 2:

1 - Download and install:
Please refer to the Download and install step in the older guide here in the Modern Warfare 3 post.

2 - Updating the Game:
  • Reloaded's Release:
To update the game to Update 4, download the update 4 archive and use 7-zip to extract the contents to your game folder.
Download MW3 Update 4.
Note: The update archive does NOT include the latest iw5sp.exe or iw5mp.exe executable files.
  • Steam Release via hldsupdatetool:
Installing from hldsupdatetool will always give you the latest game files [except for the sp and mp executables].  In order to update the game files, just run the install_MW3.bat file again and allow it to update any files as mentioned in the first guide.  [you can also use Update 4 above.]
Note:  After updating, move the contents of the admins folder to the players2 folder.

3 - Applying Game Fixes [Both Versions]:
Download and install TheEvilPc_MW3_1.4.382.7z.
Use 7-zip to extract the files to your game folder.  This archive contains the missing exe files cracked by Steam006, the original steam_api.dll in case it is needed, and a server startup batch file and msvcr100.dll for use with dedicated servers.
Note: These files alone will not allow you to play the game, and will ask you to start steam in order to play.  Also, any stats you have saved from the Loader in the previous guide may be lost.  Your singleplayer game saves will stay intact as long as you don't delete them. :)

4 - Play Multiplayer over LAN and Internet [Both Versions]:
After installing the game, updating, and applying the latest fix, you are almost ready for TeknoGods.  First, you will need .NET Framework 4.0 from Microsoft installed, if you don't already have it.

Download TeknoGod's TeknoMW3 Steamless/Demonwareless Loader v2.6.3UPDATED!!
Use 7zip to extract the files to your game folder.  Create a shortcut on your desktop to TeknoMW3.exe as this will be the only way to start the game.  Now you are ready to play.

Notes on recent changes for Loader:
See official TeknoBlog link here for changelog.

Start the game by launching TeknoMW3.exe.  On first run, select your nickname/FOV. You can also use the Settings button to change nickname and/or FOV afterwards.

TeknoGods Loader screen

Using the Loader:

Clicking on the Singleplayer button will give you two options:
  • Start as host: Will start the game and you can click on TeknoGods Coop to host.
  • Start as client: First you will need to input the IP address and Port of the host.  Then click Start as client to start the game and click on TecknoGods Coop to join.
You can also use Start as host to access Singleplayer and Special Ops from the main menu.

Clicking on the Multiplayer button will give you three options:

  • Start Dedicated Server:  First, edit the server.cfg in your players2 folder.  Enter your server port.  Click Start Dedicated Server button.  Use the map command to select a map.  You can skip using this button by just using the MW3_Start_server.bat included in the fix archive above.  You can change the parameters in the bat file, but make sure to also change the same parameters in the server.cfg, as it seems to take priority from the cfg file.
  • Start (LAN Game):  Will start the game.  Go to Options > Dedicated Server > Enable Server Browser.  Go back to the menu > Server Browser > LAN tab.  Select a server and Connect.
  • Start (Direct Connect):  First, enter the IP and Port of the server you wish to connect to.  Then press the Start (Direct Connect) button.  When in game, press F12 to connect.

Player ID and open ports:
  • In the game's main folder, open teknogods.ini with notepad and check your player ID.  The ID is eight alphanumeric characters long.  Each player needs a different PlayerID to connect to a server and this ID will be tied to your stats files. In the game's main directory open the players2 folder to see your stats files.  Your player number will be the last 8 character in the filename.  See Teknogod's readme if you wish to dump your Steam/IWNet Profile - it will also change the Player ID to your Steam ID.
  • You may need to enable port forwarding for port 29184 [UDP] in your router/firewall.  And also open the net_port [TCP] you've set if you are hosting a server.

For more information or support, please visit TeknoGods MW3 Forum.



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