Red Orchestra 2 Dedicated Server Tutorial [Windows]

This tutorial is for a WINDOWS setup and was tested with RedOrchestra2WindowsDedicated Version 9 (Sept. 24, 2011).  It will allow for LAN connections without the need for Steam.  Clients must use Skidrow's game fix and connect via console command [open: IP:port].

Port Forwarding if behind a router.
You need to know your External [WAN] IP address.
Learn all this @
Turn Off Windows Firewall!

I. Installation:
1. Download hldsupdatetool.exe setup file.
This tool is used to download and update the dedicated server.
2. Run hldsupdatetool.exe and install it into a folder. eg. C:\SRCDS
3. Now go to C:\SRCDS and double click hldsupdatetool.exe. [This will update the tool.]
4. To download the files for your RO2 dedicated server:

Create a new text file in C:\SCRDS\ with this code:
hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game "redorchestra2" -dir C:\SRCDS\ro2

Save as update_RO2.bat and exit. Double click on RO2_update.bat to start downloading server files.
[This may take a while and you may need to run it more than once to get all files at 100%]

5.  Run the UE3Redist.exe file located in C:\SRCDS\ro2\Binaries\Windows
6.  Make sure you install .Net 3.5 and Visual C++:
Download  Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package: 32-bit or 64-bit
Download  Microsoft's .net Framework 3.5

II. Configuration:
Server configuration files:
Server configuration files are located by default in the \ROGame\Config folder.
These are the main configuration files:
ROGame.ini - contains most of the gameplay modifying configuration functionality
ROEngine.ini - contains most of the functional setup configuration functionality
ROWeb.ini - contains configuration functionality for the Web administration system

Some settings you may want to change:
In ROEngine.ini, at the top:

Port=7777   //this is your GamePort
and near the bottom of the ini:
bUseVAC=true   //This turns on/off VAC. [true/false]

In ROGame.ini,
ServerName=Red Orchestra Server   //This is the name of your server.

bLANServer=True   //True sets server in LAN mode.  False sets server for internet.

PunkbusterServerProfile=0   //This sets the Punkbuster Level for the server.
//0=off, 1=LOW, 2=MED, and 3 = HIGH.

Ports to Open
There are two important ports for the game that both need to be open in the firewall and/or router, the game port and the steam port.
Game Port: by default this is 7777.
Steam Port: by default this is 27015.
If you change the Game Port the Steam port is automatically updated.
You can calculate your Steam port like this: Steam Port = 27015 + [GamePort - 7777].
So if you choose 7779 as your Game Port, using the equation above would give us 27017 for the Steam Port.

III. Starting Server:
You can start your RO2 server from the command line, by making a batch file, or by using the default ro2server.bat file located in C:\SRCDS\ro2.

Example command line for launching server [default ro2server.bat parameters]:
start .\Binaries\win32\ROGame TE-Apartments?minplayers=0 -seekfreeloadingserver

To create a Startup batch file:
1- Go to your C:\SRCDS\ro2 directory and create a new text file named RO2Server_Start.bat.
2- Add the following line of code to the batch file:
start .\Binaries\Win32\ROGame FF-Apartments?minplayers=12?maxplayers=64 -seekfreeloadingserver -log=ServerLog.log
You could change FF-Apartments to whichever map you prefer.
And you can change ?minplayers= to set the number of bots.
Save the .bat when finished. Double Click RO2Server_Start.bat to start server. :)

Here is the breakdown of the command line parameters:
ROGame - This is the game server's executable file.
FF-Apartments - This is the name of the map that launches on server startup.
minplayers - This sets the number of bots on the server until they are filled with real players.
maxplayers - This is the max number of players allowed on the server
-seekfreeloadingserver - Important!  Make sure you use this command

Other useful parameters:
-multihome - This specifies which IP the server will run on, necessary only if your server has more than one local address/NIC adapter. [Put your External/WAN IP address here].
-port - This specifies the primary port for the game (default is 7777), necessary if you are running multiple servers on the same IP. Note, this value can also be set in ROEngine.ini under the [URL] section.
-configsubdir=- This will create a folder under ..\ROGame\config\ so each server instance can have it's own ini files if running multiple server instances out of the same install folder.

IV. Configure WebAdmin:
NOTE: This will allow you to use http to log into the administrator web interface. After restarting your server you should have the additional Administrators tab in the WebAdmin.

1. Stop your server.
2. Open the default startup batch file [ro2server.bat] and remove ?adminpass=123
3. Open ROWEB.ini, scroll down to [IpDrv.WebServer] and change the following to "true":
4. Open ROWebAdmin.ini and add the following line under [WebAdmin.WebAdmin]:
5. Start your server. A new ini file ROMultiAdmin.ini will be created.
6. Close the server and open ROMultiAdmin.ini and add the following lines:

[Admin MultiAdminData]
Note: [Admin MultiAdminData] the username is in bold font.
The 1f95ec61b6ef02b5d2b138654da138bfdbbc7f3c password hash translates to Admin.
7. Start the server and Login to WebAdmin:
Open a web browser and type in the static IP Address of your server with the port 8080.
For Example: will bring you to the log-in page.
The default username/password is Admin/Admin (which is case sensitive!).
8. First thing you should do when you are logged in is to setup the Administrators and change the default password in the webadmin (or you can manually edit ROMultiAdmin.ini).

V. Cracking Server:
NOTE: This will only allow an unranked server to be created.
During our testing we disabled punkbuster - so if there's any problems disable it.

Install Rev-Emu:
*NEW* RO2_Server_fix [RevEmu_28082011]  *NEW*
Extract this to your Server folder.
This will allow updated clients using the Skidrow fix to connect.

VI. Updating Server:
Update your server by running the update_RO2.bat you created at the beginning of this guide.
Then follow Step V again to re-crack Server.

Additional Notes:

-Add your private server IP to EPCGaming's RO2 Server list. [live stats - coming soon]

-Keep Players up-to-date with patches and fixes in this post.




Anonymous said...

how to add bots in lan server

satannuts said...

its in the breakdown of commandline parameters:

minplayers - This sets the number of bots on the server until they are filled with real players.

So set minplayers=12 in your startup, join the server and you should be joined by 11 bots [plus you = 12]. That's assuming that the min # of players to start match is set to 1.

crossi said...

When im downloading redorchestra2 dedicated server i just get version but skidrows 3rd update is version so that i can't connect (version mismatch). Can u upload the files of the dedicated server

Anonymous said...

Same problem

satannuts said...

@ crossi and Anon,
get latest client update v1.0.0.8

server is now on v1.0.0.8.

Anonymous said...

My friend is having a problem creating a non-steam server...When I try to join it gives me "steam could not authorize..."
He cracked updated and cracked the server...

Rivaldo Cardoso said...

I continue not playing! [excuse gramatical mistakes. I'm Brazilian]

I had downloaded the updates 1.0 - 1.7 and 1.7 - 1.11; not working. I click on .exe archive and nothig appears!
Why? The skidrow crack is not helping too...

I'm using all that what is here, except the principal. Is a Skidrow ripped version in place of the full clean version. Is where the my error?

Very thanks for any resp,
Rivaldo Cardoso

satannuts said...

@Rivaldo Cardoso,
Sorry to hear that its not working.
I haven't tried the skidrow release.
Just be sure to install the Game, then the updates and Install the Skidrow fix last to make sure files are over-written properly.

I'm guessing perhaps you updated but failed to install the skidrow fix again after updating?

good luck.

Anonymous said...

How do I find out what is version of this game?

Tony Ballack said...

i have got problem, i've created a dedicated server for LAN play througt Tunngle, but when i try to connect my server, it cant connect and says " You cannot join the match because the host has downloadable content you do not". my HLDS is up to date! I need your help!!!

Communist Party said...

i need more guides to config batch file or server! E.g: how to repeat game mode? how to banned or kicked players? ....

Sumi Akter said...

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Ramesh K said...

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