Killing Floor Dedicated Server Tutorial for Windows

Killing Floor dedicated server tutorial
Killing Floor Dedicated Server Tutorial for Windows

This tutorial is for a WINDOWS setup and  will allow for LAN and internet connections without the need for Steam.  Clients must use RevLoader and connect via the Serverbrowser’s ‘Favorites’ tab. I’ve had this tutorial on my pc for a long time now and never posted it.  The other night I had someone ask me through facebook chat about setting up a KF server, so I thought I should post this finally.
Port Forwarding if behind a router.
You need to know your External [WAN] IP address.
Learn all this @
Turn Off Windows Firewall!

I. Installation:
1. Download hldsupdatetool.exe setup file.
This tool is used to download and update the dedicated server.
2. Run hldsupdatetool.exe and install it into a folder. eg. C:\SRCDS
3. Now go to C:\SRCDS and double click hldsupdatetool.exe. [This will update the tool.]
4. To download the files for your KF dedicated server:

Create a new text file in C:\SCRDS\ with this code:
hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game "redorchestra2" -dir C:\SRCDS\KF_Server

Save as update_KF.bat and exit. Double click on KF_update.bat to start downloading server files.
[This may take a while and you may need to run it more than once to get all files at 100%]

5.  Make sure you install .Net 3.5 and Visual C++:
Download  Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package: 32-bit or 64-bit
Download  Microsoft's .net Framework 3.5

II. Configuration:
Server configuration file:
The server configuration file is located by default in the \KF_server\System folder.
KillingFloor.ini - contains all setup, gameplay, and WebAdmin configuration functionality

Some settings you may want to change:
Port=7777   //this is your GamePort

Server Name:
ServerName=Killing Floor Server   //This is the name of your server.

GameDifficulty=2.000000   // Sets game difficulty level
//Beginner=1.0, Normal=2.0, Hard=4.0, Suicidal=5.0, Hell on Earth=7.0

Game Length:
KFGameLength=0        //Sets the length of the game
                //Short[4 waves]=0, Normal[7 waves]=1, Long[10 waves]=2, Custom=3

Allow Map Voting:
bMapVote=True        //Enable=True, Disable=False
RepeatLimit=0        //Default=4; Will lock recently played maps from being voted on again.
bUseMapList=True        //this enables a map list for use with voting.

Ports to Open
There are a few important ports for the game that need to be opened in the firewall and/or router:
Default Ports:
Game: 7707 UDP
Query: 7708 UDP
Gamespy: 7717 UDP
WebAdmin: 8075 TCP
Steam: 20560 UDP
Master Server Browser: 28852 TCP & UDP

If you change the Game Port from the default 7707, all other the ports are automatically updated by the same offset.
For Example, if you choose 7709 [default + 2] as your Game Port, then all other ports will automatically increase by 2.
This is effective when running more than one server on the same machine, but if you are only running one server, then the defaults will work fine.

III. Starting Server:
You can start your KF server from the command line, by making a batch file, or by using the default kf_server_launcher.bat file located in C:\SRCDS\KF_Server.

Example command line for launching server [default kf_server_launcher.bat parameters]:
start ucc server KF-EvilSantasLair.rom?game=KFmod.KFGameType?VACSecured=true?MaxPlayers=6

To create a Startup batch file:
1- Go to your C:\SRCDS\KF_Server directory and create a new text file named KF_Server_Start.bat.
2- Add the following line of code to the batch file:
start ucc server KF-AbusementPark.rom?game=KFmod.KFGameType?VACSecured=true?MaxPlayers=6
You could change KF-AbusementPark.rom to whichever map you prefer.
Save the .bat when finished. Double Click KF_Server_Start.bat to start server. :)

Here is the breakdown of the command line parameters:
ucc server - This is the game server's executable file.
KF-AbusementPark.rom - This is the name of the map that launches on server startup.
game=KFmod.KFGameType - sets the game type
VACSecured=true - enables Valve’s Anti-Cheat System
MaxPlayers=6 - This is the max number of players allowed on the server

Other useful parameters:
?multihome= - This specifies which IP the server will run on, necessary only if your server has more than one local address/NIC adapter. [Put your External/WAN IP address here].
start ucc server KF-AbusementPark.rom?game=KFmod.KFGameType?VACSecured=true?MaxPlayers=6?multihome=

IV. Configure WebAdmin:
NOTE: This will allow you to use http to log into the administrator web interface.
The web browser interface allows you to configure the server from a remote location without having to edit the KillingFloor.ini.
After restarting your server you should have the additional Administrators tab in the WebAdmin.

1. Stop your server.
2. Open KillingFloor.ini, scroll down and change the following to "true":
3. Set the admin name and password in the KillingFloor.ini or add the parameters to the startup batch file:
In KillingFloor.ini add admin name and password:
In the KF_Server_Start.bat, add the following to the command line:

For multiple server administrators:
Find the following line in KillingFloor.ini and change it to look like this:

When you start your server again, this will create a new file called xAdmin.ini in the System folder.
Additional admins can be added to that file manually or through the Web Admin interface.

To access the Web Admin Interface, open up your web browser and go to:

V. Cracking Server:
To fix the server for RevLoader clients.
Install Rev-Emu:
*NEW* KF_RevLoader_for_Server_1028  *NEW*
Extract this to your KF_Server folder [Works on game version 1028 and higher.]
This will allow updated clients using the RevLoader to connect.

VI. Updating Server:
To update your server, run the update_KF.bat you created at the beginning of this guide.
Then follow Step V again to re-crack Server.

Additional Notes:

-Add your private server IP to EPCGaming's KF Server list.

-Keep Players up-to-date with patches and fixes in this post.


Anonymous said...

not work! because steam have change dedicate srver, example ucc server not exist, killing floor.ini not exist :( uff bad work :(

Rodrigo said...

For make a server you have to change "redorchestra2" by "killingfloor" in the bat file

Anonymous said...

when i want join my own server i download map what i already have ! WTF ?

Anonymous said...

How to do this on a debian server ? (globally linux OS)
Just the part with the specific DLL, is there any equivalent for unix platform ?

Thanx !

Anonymous said...

Says UCC isn't an executable command. What do I do? Using steam.

Anonymous said...

Reupload the Kf revloader for server plz! the link is broken...

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