Defence Alliance 2: Killing Floor Mod is OUT!!

Defence Alliance 2
Killing Floor Mod 

UPDATED WITH BETA 3 RC1 [Sept 14, 2011] by Dest.

Note: Requires the full version of Killing Floor in order to play.

About The Game

Defence Alliance 2 is a total conversion mod for Killing Floor featuring team based futuristic FPS game play. DA2 blends fast paced action with class based tactics to create an experience that is instantly enjoyable while still offering very deep gameplay. Two teams face off in attack/defend scenarios where the attackers must complete their objectives before time runs out. The mod features six different classes: Medic, Mechanic, Rocketeer, Machine Gunner, Sniper and the Rifleman, each with their own special abilities. Players can set up their own turrets such as cannons, miniguns, and rocket turrets, place ammo boxes, heal other players, use EMP grenades and rocket launchers against turrets, and more.

In addition to the regular DA2 gameplay mode, Defence Alliance 2 for Killing Floor now features a new gameplay mod called Co-op Specimen Survival. A small group of players are set against waves of specimens. Players can use turrets and mines to build up their defense then have a limited amount of respawns with which to defeat the waves of incoming specimens.

System Requirements
o OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
o Processor: 1.2 GHZ or Equivalent
o Memory: 512 MB RAM
o Graphics: 64 MB DX9 Compliant
o Hard Drive: 2 GB free hard drive space
o Sound: DX 8.1 Compatible Audio

o OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
o Processor: 2.4 GHZ or Equivalent
o Memory: 1 GB RAM
o Graphics: 128 MB DX9 Compliant with PS 2.0 support
o Hard Drive: 2 GB free hard drive space
o Sound: Eax Compatible

How to Play Defence Alliance 2 [minus Steam]:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 - Download and install: 32-bit or 64-bit
Microsoft's .net Framework 3.5 - Download and install .net 3.5

Quick Setup:

I. Install Killing Floor:

II. Update Killing Floor:
Update KF to version 1011 or higher using the update installers in step I.
The Full Update will update any version of KF.
Incremental Update will update only one specific version to another specific version.

III. Install Defence Alliance 2 MOD.
Download DA2 below and install to your KF installation folder.

IV.  Play Defence Alliance 2 MOD:
You can start DA2 from a batch file, or by making a new shortcut to KF_revLoader.exe.

Play via batch file:
1- Go to your KillingFloor root directory and create a new text file named Play_DA2.bat.
2- Add the following line of code to the batch file:
@echo off
start KF_revLoader.exe -launch System\killingfloor.exe -mod=DA2
Click yer batch file to play!

Play via NEW shortcut to RevLoader:
Create a NEW shortcut on your desktop to revLoader.exe and name it DA2.
Right click on the newly created shortcut and select 'properties'.
Click the 'shortcut' tab and in the Target line you will see the following: "C:\NoSteamApps\common\killingfloor\KF_revLoader.exe"
Add the following parameters to this line to get the game started properly:
Launch Parameters:
"C:\NoSteamApps\common\killingfloor\KF_revLoader.exe" -launch system\killingfloor.exe -mod=DA2
Click yer new shortcut to play!

Many Thanks to Alko!!


Defense Alliance 2 mod
Latest Version: Beta 3 RC1 Sept 14  by Dest
Install to your KF Installation Folder.
[219 MB exe \ 599 MB installed]


----------old updates--------

Defense Alliance 2 mod [First Version]
Install to your KF Installation Folder.
186 MB exe \469 MB installed

KF_Full_Update_to_1011+  [NEW feb 25 Repacked]
This will update any version of KF to v1011+ and ready for the DA2 mod.
852 MB exe \ 1.95 GB installed

KF_Update_1010_to_1011+ [NEW feb 25 Repacked]
This will bring your v1010 game up-to-date for the DA2 mod.
273 MB exe \ 726 MB installed

This will bring your v1011 game up-to-date for the DA2 mod.
106 MB exe \ 378 MB installed
Download: RapidShare - MediaFire


lolfang said...

Thank you so much for MU links.

John_Ray said...

i always experienced crash to desktop after playing for some time. anyone know the fix? my KF is version 1.011+

Mothman said...

Thanks a lot, it's really fun, but when I played it first I configured my controls before and wasn't able to throw grenades in the game, but after reinstalling and using the default controls, it worked fine.

katribu said...

Followed your instructions but I still keep getting a KF main menu screen with yellow borders. My KF v1011+ works fine though. Any advise please?

thefirewarriors said...

First of all, thanks for the links!

Request though, if you could upload the DA2 mod to another site (such as mediafire) because Megaupload hates me. (download stops with 5 minutes remaining)

Chrsitain said...

Same Thing is happening to me I installed DA2 in the Root directory of killing floor yet it just comes up with a kf menu and yellow borders and my version is correct and works fine please help.

satannuts said...

you're not following the guides correctly.
Make sure to follow the killing floor guide and set up revloader for KF. Then install DA2. Should be in your root KF folder\DA2. Easiest way, is just to make a new shortcut to revloader [setup like in the KF original guide] but with new parameters to start DA2 instead:
So yer target line should look like this:
C:\ProgramFiles\killingfloor\KF_revLoader.exe -launch system\killingfloor.exe -mod=DA2
and use that to start DA2.


Follow the play via batch file step and run the bat to play.

good luck.

$nake said...

hey full update is broken..

rikinet said...


rikinet said...

the final of log is:
Warning: Failed to load 'KF_Freaks2_Trip_XMas': Can't find file for package 'KF_Freaks2_Trip_XMas'
Localization: No localization: Core.Errors.FailedLoad (est)
Warning: Failed to load 'KFChar': Can't find file for package 'KF_Freaks2_Trip_XMas'
Localization: No localization: Core.Errors.FailedLoad (est)
Warning: Failed to load 'KFGUI': Can't find file for package 'KF_Freaks2_Trip_XMas'
Localization: No localization: Core.Errors.FailedLoadObject (est)
Warning: Failed to load 'Class KFGUI.KFGUIController': Can't find file for package 'KF_Freaks2_Trip_XMas'
IMaster: Could not load interaction [KFGUI.KFGUIController]
Critical: Could not spawn a GUI Controller!
Critical: Windows GetLastError: La operación se completó correctamente. (0)
Exit: Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError
Exit: Executing UWindowsClient::ShutdownAfterError
Exit: Double fault in object ShutdownAfterError
Localization: No localization: Core.Errors.History (est)
Critical: UGameEngine::Init
Critical: InitEngine
Critical: FMallocWindows::Free
Critical: FMallocWindows::Free
Localization: No localization: Window.Errors.Critical (est)
Localization: No localization: Window.General.OkButton (est)
Exit: Exiting.
Log: FileManager: Reading 0 GByte 51 MByte 728 KByte 938 Bytes from HD took 2.166008 seconds (2.108008 reading, 0.058000 seeking).
Log: FileManager: 3.442994 seconds spent with misc. duties
Uninitialized: Name subsystem shut down
Uninitialized: Log file closed, 12/22/11 10:25:45

try serch info

rikinet said...

I find a fix, install KF_Full_Update_to_v1014.exe in some folder (not in game folder) then copy files of update in game folder without overwrite any FILE (overwrite folders only).

satannuts said...

Thanks for posting the log - it helped.
I added the fixed update here...

rikinet said...

ok thank, but i need help now, i cant see zombies in defense alliance 2, i think i need some textures, but can be my graphic card, i dont know.
I have a Gforce GT520

Anonymous said...

Multiupload is down. Can u upload it to wupload or something else pls? @@

maggot said...

Please reupload :(

Anonymous said...

could you upload again the Defence Alliance 2

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