How to Update and Play Left 4 Dead 2 - No Steam Edition.

Current Game Version: v2.1.0.0 [March 2012]

Game Details:

Set in the zombie apocalypse, Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D2) is the highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning Left 4 Dead, the #1 co-op game of 2008.

This co-operative action horror FPS takes you and your friends through the cities, swamps and cemeteries of the Deep South, from Savannah to New Orleans across five expansive campaigns.
You'll play as one of four new survivors armed with a wide and devastating array of classic and upgraded weapons. In addition to firearms, you'll also get a chance to take out some aggression on infected with a variety of carnage-creating melee weapons, from chainsaws to axes and even the deadly frying pan.

You'll be putting these weapons to the test against (or playing as in Versus) three horrific and formidable new Special Infected. You'll also encounter five new “uncommon” common infected, including the terrifying Mudmen.

Helping to take L4D's frantic, action-packed gameplay to the next level is AI Director 2.0. This improved Director has the ability to procedurally change the weather you'll fight through and the pathways you'll take, in addition to tailoring the enemy population, effects, and sounds to match your performance. L4D2 promises a satisfying and uniquely challenging experience every time the game is played, custom-fitted to your style of play.

Here's how to play without Steam mucking everything up, and how to update without the need for Steam:

NOTE: This is for informational and educational purposes ONLY!
It provides an alternative means to updating and playing without Steam.
Please support your favorite game developers!

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 - Download and install: 32-bit or 64-bit
Microsoft's .net Framework 3.5 - Download and install .net 3.5

Quick Setup:
I. Install Left 4 Dead 2
II. Update Left 4 Dead 2
III. Install Add-on Support
IV. Patch Game with Rev-Emu
V. Play by executing Left4Dead2.exe
VI. [Optional] Install L4D2 Authoring Tools

Detailed Information:
I. Install Left 4 Dead 2:
Download and Install Left for Dead 2.
From Steam, Razor's release or, better yet, grab the clean files linked below..

II. Update Left 4 Dead 2:
Update L4D2 to the latest version using the update installers linked below:
The Full Update will update any version of L4D2 and includes client and server files and a backup of original CEG protected client.dll included- use this one first if you're not sure.
Incremental Updates will update only one specific version to another specific version - use these to bring L4D2 up to the latest version.
After, and only after, installing latest update: Patch the game with Rev_emu.

III. Install Add-on Support:
Add-on Support Package will allow you to  run any custom map,
including the ones released for original L4D.
1- Install the Add-on Support package
2- and then install the latest Add-on Support Update to bring you up-to-date.
3- To fully utilize Add-on Support see L4D1 on L4D2, Custom Campaigns and Maps.
NOTE: According to Valve , as of v2041, Addon Support Tool is no longer needed for custom campaigns.

IV. Patch Game with Rev-Emu:
1- Install Latest Rev-Emu Installer which includes left4dead2.exe and Setti masterserver.vdf.
Install to your Left 4 Dead 2 Installation Folder and choose which fix to use [either RevEmu or RevExe:].
2- Edit rev.ini with notepad to change your name. [SteamUser=YourName and PlayerName=YourName]
3- Edit rev.ini depending on how you would like to play:
  •   For playing single player via the main menu:
Edit rev.ini with notepad and comment out the ClientDLL line with a # like this:
  • For playing online and enable serverbrowser and SteamGroupServer on main menu:
Edit rev.ini with notepad and confirm the ClientDLL line is not commented out:
Go into your Left 4 Dead\bin\config folder and make sure Masterserver.vdf is set to Read-Only.
[The latest RevEmu installer will set this to read-only for you]
NOTES: Use openserverbrowser in console to open the server browser.
Setti servers will now show up in the custom tab of the server browser.
Favorites tab doesn't work - Don't use it - it will crash your game
SETTI Steam Group Servers will be available via the Main Menu for quick connection to servers!!

V. Play by executing Left4Dead2.exe:
Create a shortcut on your desktop to left4dead2.exe and add -console -novid -nohltv  to its launch parameters:
Right click your shortcut, select properties. In the "Target" field, you should have:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2.exe" -console -novid -nohltv
[The latest Rev-Emu installer will create a desktop icon for you.]
For more information on console commands, startup parameters and to further customize your gaming experience read Left 4 Dead 2: Making a Custom AutoExec.cfg.
 Play Left 4 Dead!

For information on how to setup your own Dedicated Server, see the post Left 4 Dead 2 Dedicated Server Tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

VI. [Optional] Install L4D2 Authoring Tools:
Install the Authoring Tools package into your L4D2 installation folder, and then make a shortcut to SDKLauncher.exe [located in yer \bin folder].
Get Started with Valve's L4D Authoring Tools Wiki.

If you previously used Stryder Loader and wish to move to the New Rev-Emu:
1-Remove Stryder Loader:
delete stryder.dll, stryder.ini, stryder.txt, IniGen.exe from root folder and remove Name Enabler Addon.
2-Install repacked update with new patched client.dll.
3-Install latest rev-emu.

THE PASSING DLC is now available!!

left 4 dead 2 the passing

THE SACRIFICE DLC is now available!!

The Sacrifice


1- Download and Install Updates:
Full Update from to
["The Passing" DLC-1]
[Now 100% compatible with razor release - no need for razor update] 
View Read_Me_1st.txt for install notes.
[715 MB exe \ 1.24 GB installed]
L4D2_Full_Update_2013_The_Passing.7z [4-part split archive]
MediaFire Share Folder

 Update from to
[Post-DLC-1 Cumulative Update]
[92.5 MB exe \ 322 MB installed] -Updated Sept-25-2010

L4D2 Update to
["The Sacrifice" DLC-2]- Oct 6th
[This can be used to update game v2034 and higher.
View Read_Me_1st.txt for install notes.
Note: After installing this update, run Cleanup.bat before installing next update.
[1.96 GB in 7z split archives \ 3.5 GB installed]
L4D2_Update_2038_to_2041_Sacrifice_DLC.7z [11-part split archive]
MediaFire Share Folder

L4D2 Update 2041 to 2086
This can be used to update any game version at least v2041 and higher.
[NOTE: Please add these missing files to your installation folder.]  
[includes Cold Stream, Dead Air, and Blood Harvest DLCs]
[878 MB exe \ 1.87 GB installed]
MediaFire Share Folder
L4D2_Update_2041_to_2086 Mirror

L4D2 Update 2086 to 2093
This can be used to update any game version at least v2086 and higher.
[includes Death Toll and Crash Course DLCs]
[320 MB exe \ 815 MB installed]

L4D2 Update 2093 to 2097
This can be used to update any game version at least v2093 and higher.
Re-install the latest Rev-Emu after installing as the steamclient was updated.
[115 MB exe \ 572 MB installed]

L4D2 Update 2097 to 2098
This can be used to update any game version at least v2097 and higher.
[30 MB exe \ 156 MB installed] by KKHafi

L4D2 Update 2098 to 2099
This can be used to update any game version at least v2098 and higher.
[30 MB exe \ 156 MB installed] by KKHafi

*NEW* L4D2 Update 2099 to 2100
This can be used to update any game version at least v2099 and higher.
[173 MB exe \ 470 MB installed] by KKHafi

2- Download and Install Current RevEmu:

*NEW* L4D2_RevEXE_v2100
This is the latest steamclient build 18022012 from bir3yk.
v2100 Ed: rev-emu steamclient updated.
Note: Change Name in Rev.ini.


L4D2 Ultimate Patch v3.0.1
A Full-Featured Rev-Emu installer by Zexdestroyer
See the official site for list of features/changelog/download.

3- [OPTIONAL] Download and Install Authoring Tools:
L4D2_Authoring_Tools_v24 by KKHafi
Includes UnInstaller - Updated Oct 2011
[Full and Updated Authoring Tools Package]
19.8 MB exe \ 81.9 MB installed


 For those who have been following along:
Latest Incremental Updates:

L4D2 Update 2096 to 2097
[47.1 MB exe \ 203 MB installed] by KKHfai

L4D2 Update 2095 to 2096
Re-install the latest Rev-Emu after installing
-the steam.dll was updated.
[1.63 MB exe \ 3.8 MB installed] by KKHfai

L4D2 Update 2094 to 2095
Re-install the latest Rev-Emu after installing
-the steamclient was updated.
[62.3 MB exe \ 332 MB installed]

L4D2 Update 2093 to 2094
Re-install the latest Rev-Emu after installing
-the steamclient was updated.
[24.4 MB exe \ 109 MB installed]

L4D2 Update 2092 to 2093
[6 MB exe \ 22.1 MB installed] by KKHfai

L4D2 Update 2091 to 2092
[2 MB exe \ 6.7 MB installed] by KKHfai

L4D2 Update 2090[hotfix] to 2091 
[includes Crash Course DLC] 
[209 MB exe \ 391 MB installed] by KKHfai
MediaFire Share Folder

L4D2 Update 2090 hotfix
[3.6 MB exe \ 11.6 MB installed] by KKHfai

L4D2 Update 2089 to 2090
[3 MB exe \ 9.6 MB installed] by KKHfai
L4D2 Update 2088 to 2089
[3 MB exe \ 9.6 MB installed] by KKHfai

L4D2 Update 2087 to 2088
[3 MB exe \ 9.6 MB installed] by KKHfai

L4D2 Update 2086 to 2087 
[NOTE: Please add these missing files to your installation folder.]  
[includes Death Toll DLC]
[113 MB exe \ 423 MB installed]by KKHfai

 L4D2 Update 2075 to 2087
[includes Blood Harvest and Death Toll DLC]
[missing files included.]
[173 MB exe \ 731 MB installed]

L4D2 Update 2074 to 2075 by KKHfai
[Dead Air Campaign DLC]
[652 MB exe \ 983 MB installed]
 MediaFire Share Folder

L4D2 Update 2063 to 2074
[post DLC3 cumulative update]
[53.7 MB exe \ 301 MB installed]

for smaller increments see here:
Incremental Update MediaFire Share Folder

Update from to
NOTE: Un-Install Rev-Emu prior to updating, then install latest Rev-Emu after updating.
[41.9 MB exe \ 264 MB installed] - May30th 2011

 L4D2 Update to 
["Cold Stream" DLC-3]- March23rd 2011
[This can be used to update game v2041 and higher.]
[171 MB exe \ 576 MB installed]

Update from to 
The installer will execute a Cleanup.cmd file which will delete obsolete files from your update folder. 
[2.5 MB exe \ 6.55 MB installed] - Dec 31st

Update from to 
The installer will execute a Cleanup.cmd file which will delete obsolete files from your update folder. 
[9.95 MB exe \ 31.3 MB installed] - Dec 17th

Update from to 
[7.76 MB exe \ 24.2 MB installed] - Dec 4th

Update from to 
[14.8 MB exe \ 45.2 MB installed] - Nov 19th

Update from to
[10 MB exe \ 31.5 MB installed] - Nov 12th

Update from to 
[5.3 MB exe \ 17.8 MB installed] - Nov 5th

Update from to 
[3.6 MB exe \ 14.3 MB installed] - Oct 31st

Update from to FIXED
[3.3 MB exe \ 10.8 MB installed] - Oct 22nd [fixed oct 31st]

Update from to
[484 KB exe \ 238 KB installed] - Oct 21th

Update from to
[8 MB exe \ 28.5 MB installed] - Oct 16th

Update from to
UnInstall Rev-Emu prior to updating, then install latest Rev-Emu after updating.
[9.9 MB exe \ 32.8 MB installed] - Oct 7th

NOTE: Update to is the "Sacrifice DLC" Update.

Update from to [sept 25]
[1 MB exe \ 2.2 MB installed]

Update from to [sept 5]
[6.72 MB exe \ 2.5 MB installed]

Update from to [aug 27]
[7.9 MB exe \ 2.9 MB installed]

Update from to [aug 21]
[39 MB exe \ 12.2 MB installed]

Update from to [aug 13]
[3.6 MB exe \ 14 MB installed]

Update from to [aug 7]
[9.98 MB exe \  95.8 MB installed]

Update from to [july 30]
[5.24 MB exe \  16.8 MB installed]

 Update from to [july 28] 
[6.6 MB exe \  23.2 MB installed]

 Update from to [july 23] 
[5.4 MB exe \  17.6 MB installed]

Update from to [july 21]
[7.1 MB exe \  22 MB installed]

Update from to [july 16]
[1.1 MB exe \  2.75 MB installed]

Update from to [july 9] 
[11.8 MB exe \  36 MB installed]

Update from to [july 2]
updates 6-25 & 7-2-2010 included
[5 MB exe \  17.2 MB installed]

Update from [june18] to [june 25]
[1 MB exe \  2 MB installed]  update 6-25-2010

 Update from to [june 18]
[5 MB exe \  17.2 MB installed]  update 6-18-2010

Update from to
[3.7 MB exe \  11.7 MB installed]  update 6-12-2010

Update from to
[4.7 MB exe \  14.8 MB installed]  update 6-10-2010

----------------- OLD UPDATES/MISC FILES -----------------
These are OLD and OUT-DATED Files- For Archival Purposes Only
For advanced use: Only use if you know what you are doing.

left 4 dead 2 v2.0.0.0
CLEAN files in 6 parts:
[4.06 GB total parts\ 6.15 GB installed]
Download from MegaUpload
If you experience any issues, try the following steps to make sure your download is not corrupt:
Put all six parts into the same folder and Extract with them.
Run Testfiles.exe to make sure all parts are OK.
If you receive an error, a part may be corrupt - Download the corrupt file again and re-test.
When all parts pass the checksum test, Open .001 using 7zip.
Then extract the entire contents of the archive to Program Files/left 4 dead 2.

*NEW* L4D2_RevEXE_v2099+ 2012 Edition
This is the latest steamclient build 02022012 from bir3yk.
v2099+2012 Ed: rev-emu steamclient updated.
Note: Change Name in Rev.ini.

*NEW* L4D2_RevEXE_v2097+ 2012 Edition
This is the latest steamclient build 22012012 from bir3yk.
v2097+2012 Ed: original steamclient + steam.dll updated.
Note: Change Name in Rev.ini.

*NEW* L4D2_RevEXE_v2094+ 2012 Edition
This is the latest steamclient build 26122011 from bir3yk.
2012 Ed: original steamclient updated - v2094+hotfix.
Note: Change Name in Rev.ini.

L4D2 Ultimate Patch v2.6
A Full-Featured Rev-Emu installer by Zexdestroyer
See the official site for list of features/changelog.

Mad creds and 'spect to the following:
Patalete @ the PsyFamily
[Magi]Dan & [Wizard]Sean

Enjoy! and Good Luck!


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Anonymous said...

file 001 and 002 is not working
possible to reup?
appreciate your work!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't work. Still crashes to desktop.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch, this was really helpful. My only problem is that the game crashes every couple of minutes without apparent reason. Any fix for that?

Anonymous said...

i keep getting a pop up that says the emu needs to be updated, and yes i've done to reg thing.

Anonymous said...

the links are not working..

satannuts said...


at the "loading..." screen after the intro movie, an error message pops-up-under the game. Just press enter, and wait about 30 seconds and the main menu will load.

Megaupload sucks sometimes - you just have to be patient and wait until the file becomes available again. Maybe their servers are overloaded... lol.

Jason said...

Added the RevLoader and new reg but it still CTD while loading a campaign.

I dowloaded the directplay from ABdcl - no steam.

Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

is there a way to skip the error message? and what's the command to play campaign mode in lan?

Anonymous said...

To fix the Crash to Desktop it works (at least for me) to type sv_lan 1 into console before playing. Also I always start the game in Adminmode(in Vista, Run as Administrator). Dunno if this has anything to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have the qtracker serverlist from before it went down for L4D2?

Anonymous said...

does it work on lan ?

Anonymous said...

hey! Nice one, but please, please can you upload the patch to Megaupload, or Mediafire or something... Rapidshare won't let me download it!!! I want to have patch, because I can't play online :S:S

Anonymous said...

it works perfectly on a lan game coop. however it doesnt let me create a versus game.. i tried creating via console but the only vs map showing is the tutorial map.. which is by the way a crappy map.. can any1 help me with this??

Anonymous said...

We need mirrors! Rapidshare is being an a** at the moment.

Anonymous said...

no update for yet..?

Anonymous said...

the link of part 4 is not working!!!!!!

plz can u solve this problem? ;-(

rik said...

ty so much man i love your blog keep going

Anonymous said...


satannuts said...

Disable Steam Cloud for app 550 & 590 in registry if you CTD at the Loading screen with no error message.

If you have:
Cloud - REG_DWORD - 0x00007fff (32767)
Then Right click CLoud... Modify... Change value data to 0 (hexidecimal)
Cloud - REG_DWORD - 0x00000000 (0)

If you have:
Cloud - REG_DWORD - 0x00000003 (3)
Right click CLoud... Modify... Change value data to 0 (hexidecimal)
Cloud - REG_DWORD - 0x00000000 (0)

Anonymous said...

any idea on how to play versus game ?

Mo said...


yoann21 said...

The only way i have found to chose versus or another modes is to write in the in game console :
map c1m1_hotel versus (for example)

It doesn't work with
left4dead2.exe -..... +map c1m1_hotel versus

versatile1 said...

Good job on the guide. Different than mine, but as long as people are getting online, then who cares, right? :)

Rapidshare Search said...

I love this game . Check more games here Free Games

Anonymous said...

Does it work with globe's release? It's like 1+ gig. I'll try this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Works great with @globe's release.

Anonymous said...

I haven't tried playing yet. But i did run it and i got to the menu without any problems, when i quit the game there was no error message except for my firewall saying it blocked internet access to the .exe do i want to allow access so i said yes. Ill probably try playing this weekend and see if i get any errors or if it shuts down at anytime. But so far so good. Thanks for the instructions they were easy to fallow.

Anonymous said...

Okay, i couldnt wait till the weekend, so far so good works perfectly. But there were no instructions on how to play online, all that was said is that it works online. So how would i play online. I tried but it didnt work. I dont have steam and i dont even know what steam is for. Could we get instructions on that?

Anonymous said...

So i was playing a little and it works perfectly, but i wanted to try online so i installed steam and i couldnt get online. And now the game wont play at all. When i open it i get steam is not running you must start steam in order to play, even tho i lunched the game from steam. What should i do now? How do i get online?

Anonymous said...

satannuts, about disabling Steam Cloud, what program is used to change the values and where would i find them?

Anonymous said...

nvm, google helped me on this 1 XD

Anonymous said...

sry about 3 in a row, but i tested the files and it said:
any idea wat it means?

Anonymous said...

Why are there no instructions on how to play online? Everything else was easy to fallow but i have no clue what to do if i want to play online.

satannuts said...

dude above me^^,
instruction on how to play? I'll get on that...

The comment about those three failed files... demoheader and drmpe.cfg can be deleted as they are created each time thegame runs. left4dead2.exe probably failed because the exe that comes with the stryder loader is the alternative loader which replaces the original one.

satannuts said...

OK. added info about the serverbrowser. Can't get much easier than that... :)

Anonymous said...

didnt work... uninstall the game then reinstal it with razor 1911 run the rzr.init.exe then delete the paTCH AND THE CRACK FROM ROOT DIRECTORY THEN run the patch then run stryder loader and extract in root again then run inigen and when trying to start the game I get The application failed to start because steam_api.dll was not found... is there something I should do to make it work...?

Anonymous said...

i know you've probably heard this a thousand times already, but i still can't start any maps, right when the loading bar fills it crashes to desktop without any error messages.

Anonymous said...

K so i figured out how to get online from a youtube vid and using garena. I played a little and it works well, using the revloader.exe wouldnt work with left4dead2.exe but w.e as long as it works. Im just wondering tho with the online instructions you put up will i be able to play without steam and garena? Like what will be the difference, will they allow me to get online straight from the left4dead2.exe and actually play will everyone who has a real copy?

Anonymous said...

K i fallowed ur instructions for the server at first steam was off so i couldnt find any servers, but then i turned steam on and restarted the game and now it crashes right when the main menu is about to show, any reason for this? Should i just get rid of steam if i dont need it?

Anonymous said...

I keep getting the error, there are not internet games the fit your filter (even tho i havent done anything to the filter)...? Is there a reason for that, also i deleted steam cuz i just seems to be doing more harm then good and you never mentioned it in the guide so i figured i dont need it.

satannuts said...

@"I get The application failed to start because steam_api.dll was not found," and @"right when the loading bar fills it crashes to desktop without any error messages."

Make sure to apply the FULL update as you may be missing a file or two, also make sure steam is NOT running.
Check taskmanager [ctrl+alt+delete] for running process "left4dead2.exe" and end process if it is running, then try to open the game again. one more thing, is to check your shortcut, and make sure its pointing to the correct directory and exe.

@ the dude posting about Garena and the serverbrowser,
no need for garena, just update game, use Stryder's fix and play on private servers via the serverbrowser.

Charles said...

Hiya and thanks for all the work/help. the game works great on single player, but when i try to connect through serverbrowser i'm get cut off and immediately get this:

BinkOpen( c:\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\media\l4d2_background03.bik )
CSysSessionClient: lobby response 5!

Any suggestions? and thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I dont get an error but i dont find any games eigther. Dont know what to do.

Anonymous said...

I keep getting there are no visible internet games that pass your filter and this is whats in the consol i dont know if it helps or not.

Parent cvar in client.dll not allowed (steamworks_immediate_upload)
Parent cvar in client.dll not allowed (steamworks_stats_disable)
Parent cvar in client.dll not allowed (steamworks_show_uploads)
Game supporting (2) split screen players
maxplayers set to 18
Steam config directory: C:\Program Files\Left 4 Dead 2\platform\config
***VPK: FastFindFile Attempting to use full path with VPK file!
File: c:\program files\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\addonlist.txt
Unknown command "cl_hidemenu_spawnmode"
Unknown command "cl_hidemenu_spawnclass_hunter"
Unknown command "cl_hidemenu_spawnclass_smoker"
Unknown command "cl_hidemenu_spawnclass_boomer"
Host_WriteConfiguration: Wrote cfg/config.cfg
NET_GetBindAddresses found 'Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN'
Opened Steam Socket NS_SERVER ( virtual port 27015 ) : listen socket handle( 1 )
Opened Steam Socket NS_CLIENT ( virtual port 27005 ) : listen socket handle( 65538 )
Network: IP, mode MP, dedicated No, ports 27015 SV / 27005 CL
BinkOpen( c:\program files\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\media\l4d2_background01.bik )
] openserverbrowser

Anonymous said...

huh, it still CTD after all that, ive even reinstalled twice, still quits as the map finishes loading.

Smokey. said...

I kept crashing to desktop after intro trailer and had error 'could not load library file'.

I tried various patches, fixes and loaders and also followed this post AFTER messing with game, to get it working I done the following.

(my O/S is Vista 32bit)

1. Deleted entire c:\program files\left 4 dead 2 folder.

2. Installed Razor 1911 dist.

3. Applied full patch.

4. Downloaded Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 from link on this page, ran installer and selected Repair (not sure if this actually done anything or not)

5. continued to follow the rest of instructions on this blog.
The instructions on this blog work like magic BUT you might run into problems if you've been messing around with the install beforehand.



Hoth said...

So I'm able to do everything but when I run the stryder patch, I can type in a name (dont think the name really matters), but it wont create the stryder.ini file. Not sure what is causing this problem?????

I'm using windows 7 64bit.......

MasterMe said...

@ Hoth.
You MUST run it as Administrator.
Also, are there some English or EU or US servers?
Those are Russian, and I don't understand a ass of it. :D
Also playing for servers far away gets laggy. :(

InGame Tag: MasterMe

Anonymous said...

How did you get the servers? For me nothing comes up when i look for a game using the consol, not when i go to multiplyer and it searches, it always comes up empty?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to this new update, no more CTDs! :D

PoLo said...

Hi guys.

Ive got a problem. I downloaded and installed the clean provided here as well as the dec 9 Stryder fix and updated the game to

When launching the Inigen.exe file, I always get an error "Application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the app may fix the problem.." Even after I tried reinstalling the Loader Stryder, I still get the same error.

What am I doing wrong?

I also tried launching the left4dead2.exe (hoping it would work), but after the opening CG, the game would close with the error: "Steam is not running. You must start Steam in order to to play this game."

Help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

-console -serverbrowser wont apply when i put it in target line

Mohd Farith said...

hey,this maybe an answer to CTD problem. 1st,download and apply for patch at then update your left4dead2 to the latest version(for me i download this website but NOT the full update) n istall stryderloader9(link at above..) and run inigen.exe n put your ingame name.
then in registry turn CLOUD to 0.
hope this will help.thx.

Anonymous said...

what's the different between incremental n full update??? need help for this one.. ;(

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot. I appreciate your work.

satannuts said...

best practice tis to update first then install stryder fix... installing stryder then update will overwrite stryder files...
Make a habit of it. Update then Crack.

difference between full and incremental... ever play battlefield? Full update is like it sounds - it will update ANY version.
Incremental is also how it sounds... one increment at a time.
Best thing to do is just grab the full update if yer updating for the first time.

The CSC folder fix and -lv switch isn't needed for styder fix.

Anonymous said...

very good!
clean Download
and then Full Patch.

but.. Rapidshare Dead Link

Thx~~ :)

Mohd Farith said...

thx for the info,but for my pc when i update it to left4dead2 i always get CTD but if i use and after do what this blog said n disabled "wait for vertical sync" everything works ok(try it last nite..)

but there is a problem with sound (.wav files) it detected as error when i using filechecker.any help??
thx again. ;D

Anonymous said...

hye,can u tell me the different of the "sn" mean? for example L4D2_Full_Update_2004_sn.exe with L4D2_Full_Update_2004.exe??? thx!!
great works.. said...

Satannuts, my gf and I uses the same installation from this website and we can join others using Garena but if I host a game, she cant see or join my game and vice versa. Also when we tried playing cracked servers, one of us will get booted off the server when the other joined and we get an error saying steamid etc etc is in the room . ANy way to fix this?

Anonymous said...

for SP,good job with the update because when i play the loading time of the map really fast(my pc spec pentium 4 3ghz,2gb ram,HD 3650 512MB..) and no CTD!
once again good job!!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

when i start game. an error pops out. it says. " can't find background image 'materials/console/background03.vtf/"

what was that?

DJ Poponz said...

Yo buddy!.. i have a problems here, when i loading singleplayer in first map, arround 90% i always crashed and kicked to dekstop without any warn or notice... what should i do?
thanks for advice...

Anonymous said...

heyya Satan,

firstly good job at all the stuff u got here. ;)

anyway, i was a late comer to L4D2, so i was still in the middle of downloading the actual game files (installation) so i was up to part 3.

then later i came back to your site and there was some updates done to the downloads.

do i have to re-download from number 1? (this time the filename has the 'clean' attached to it)


Anonymous said...

When I installed clean files then up-to- update along with 12/09 stryder I got steam isn't running error.

So finally I said screw it and installed .0.3 through .0.6 full updates then the stryder. It works now. Hope this post helps someone else who's getting the canned responses that don't work (for them for whatever reason).

I also ran a registry cleaner and deleted all mentions of L4D2 before re-installing each time.

satannuts said...

comments from the last two folks:
the original clean files I had up, had a crack integrated in it.
The revLoader was included, but isn't used anymore as the Stryder fix is now the defacto fix to use.

For anyone experiencing crashes. make sure to delete revloader, rev.ini, steam.dll and steamclient.dll from yer root l4d2 folder only.[where left4dead2.exe is located].

Anonymous said...

need help, i got uncomfort sound when update to latest version n indeed i have do the snd_rebuildaudio but the problem is how to know the rebuild process is DONE?? need help please.. ;( thx..

kroki said...

Great work, it works like a charm between 2 win 7's, one x64 and one x86... just extract it, applied update and stryder and it works real nice.... not one crash...

Anonymous said...

New patch is up.

Phillip said...

My friend plays the steam version of L4D2 and now with him updated to the new we cannot play together. When will the update be available to all of us non-steamers?

Nebsson said...

great blogg, great fast updates, worked perfectly first try :) cheers

Anonymous said...

is there a way to add Garena servers to the steam group list without garena open?

Anonymous said...

i gets CTD (after intro)
when using L4D2_Rev_Emulator [v9.81R4], i followed all the instruction and still gets CTD!!

help pls

Anonymous said...

The full update installer isn't working for me. It says something like NSIS error.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how to prevent Steam games from showing up in the game browser? So if I were to use Garena, no Steam games would show up. Cuz with the new Rev-Emu, I get Steam games even when I'm not connected through Steam. ._.

Anonymous said...

Installed everything fine, and the achievements appear to be working now.(atleast to some degree)

Only bad part being that it seems to be recording someone elses achievements as a number of them have been completed already, any ideas as to how to fix that or is it just a bug with the latest rev-emu?

Anonymous said...

ATTENTION to all players,it's not advisable to update to patch because Valve has update is with a bug and it only make your pc CTD when you in the game.thank you.

check out this link for more info about the patch

Anonymous said...

game keeps crashing after map loads in campaign mode :( plz heelp and fix this problem mate. thanks .

Anonymous said...

i got this error when i try to connect to any server

Server is enforcing consistency for this file : cfg/gpu_level_3_pc.ekv

please help

Anonymous said...

RUN_L4D2.exe detected as virus just now by avira

satannuts said...

@i got this error:
Server is enforcing consistency for this file : cfg/gpu_level_3_pc.ekv

Install the full update. It includes that file.

@game keeps crashing.

Remove any modified files from other fixes you may have used.
Then, run the full update and apply the rev-emu.

@the dude warning 2007 is buggy.

Runs fine for me and hundreds of others... Sure any bugs will be fixed in future updates... Not a good reason to NOT update tho.

@RUN_L4D2.exe detected as virus just now by avira

Funny, Nothing here contains that file. Don't know where you got it, but it wasn't here. :P

Anonymous said...

There is a new stryder loader v2.0.2 I think.

Is there any reason why yo switched to REV-EMU?

Add-on support has been added to l4d2 now along with the SDK. Any download link for this?

Thanks man! I have been using your guide for updating l4d2.

satannuts said...

Stryder's Loader did update to 2.0.2.. I might post a package for that, since it requires an un-ReCEG'ed client.dll... i will have to include an un-modified dll with it. It works well.

The Rev-Emu works a little better, and you will notice this as soon as you open the game and see the setti steam group servers on the main menu.. Rev_emu requires the client.dll to be patched with Re-CEG - The latest, repacked updates in this post include a reCEGged client.dll patched to work with rev-emu. I've also heard achievements work with rev-emu and not with stryder, but I have not tested that yet.

So yes. Rev-Emu is the better choice at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Will the rev_emu crash on custom campaigns?

I have never encountered CTD on stryders loader.

Will I encounter CTDs on the rev_emu?

Anonymous said...

@the dude warning 2007 is buggy.

Runs fine for me and hundreds of others... Sure any bugs will be fixed in future updates... Not a good reason to NOT update tho.

hye,me the buggy night i play L4D after update it to 1017 and still got CTD but what u said that it works fine with you and 'hundred' of others i think i can make it work.for me i use to register the missing registry myself(use procmon) everything work fine and i did not update my graphic driver but stil can play without any problem.

i think you do a great job here.keep on posting!! ;D

Anonymous said...

Can you post the add on support please.

Thanks dude.

MasterMe said...

Reupload the 2007 patch to MediaFire please, I can't download it from RapidShare (no free user slots) it keeps saying NSIS error, already bypassed it, but that doesn't works either.


Anonymous said...

Here is working link for Full Update to

Anonymous said...


The addon support has been added here!

Post it in your guide!

Enjoy guys!

Anonymous said...

Valve has release the "Add-on support" which enable the L4D1 custom campaigns to work on L4D2. Is there a way to download this ?

Raymond said...

Re-upload the Mediafire 2007 patch its corrupted only the rapidshare one is valid!

Anonymous said...

getting a NSIS error for the full update, please help

Karim said...

hey wen ever i exit to main menu the game crashes to desktop .... is der any kind of fix to this ????

plz post soon !!!

Ganesh said...

Damn!! This is GaNi, Great, You are extracting My installer and repacking it.

Guyz WTH is Happening ?

Left 4 Dead 2 addon Support and Full Update ~ ~ With Razor Support was......nvm

Chibicon said...

Is the game supposed to close after a campaign?

My friends and I have to close the game after every campaign we do otherwise the game will crash when we try to go to another campaign.

Nathan of Philippines said...

From Nathan of Philippines

For those of you who want to play this game on versus, realism or any modes except for single and multiplayer just the type this on your console

map c1m1_hotel versus

map c1m1_hotel realism

map c1m1_hotel scavenge

same goes for other mode.

Just the map then space then type in the mode. That's it. I found it accidentally. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

You kill video game industries and you don't care. You are not real gamer. Real gamer buy their games !

Anonymous said...

We cae about OUR moeny not the industries.Our moeny are more importand!

Anonymous said...

We care about OUR money not the indystry's.Our money are more importand!

naschamp said...

guys im getting "only one instance of the game can be running at one time" wen i start but i hav task manager on and l4d2 aint on it. help

coolies said...

I updated the TPG version to 2.007 and used the patch no more crashes..

Garvani said...

Cheers for this guide.. up and running in under 10 minutes.. no crashes or anything! For all the people that want to know how to play online... Look up Garena or hamachi..

FIREPORT said...

The addon is useless because doesn't create the dir "addons" in left4dead2 subdirectory.
You have to create it manually, so you'll have: addons, bin, cfg, downloads, etc etc....
Put the files "*.vpk" in, et voilà you can play with all the mods.
Let me suggest:

Theodore said...

Does the patch work online and with files from someone named Mayiru?

Anonymous said...

Works fine online but singhel player mod doesnt work at all..

Greetzzz Julian

Edwin said...

help when i've started a game and the map is loading, some error message appears and the game crashes to desktop after the load is finished: error message is "the procedure entry point Q_URLEncode could not be located in the dynamic link library vstdlib_s.dll"

Jakub said...

hey. i have fully installed using your installation guide and razor1911 clean install file. it worked great for about a week. now when i try to play online, it only shows about 9-10 group servers and i cant join any of them. some just stall while loading game, some give me "disconnected, steam validation rejected"

the screen at load gives me this info...

Parent cvar in server.dll not allowed (spit_scaling_min_scale)
***VPK: FastFindFile Attempting to use full path with VPK file!
File: c:\program files\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\addonlist.txt
Parent cvar in client.dll not allowed (steamworks_immediate_upload)
Parent cvar in client.dll not allowed (steamworks_stats_disable)
Parent cvar in client.dll not allowed (steamworks_show_uploads)
Game supporting (2) split screen players
maxplayers set to 18
Steam config directory: C:\Program Files\Left 4 Dead 2\platform\config
***VPK: FastFindFile Attempting to use full path with VPK file!
File: c:\program files\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\addonlist.txt
Unknown command "chet_debug_idle"
Can't use cheat cvar rr_thenany_score_slop in multiplayer, unless the server has sv_cheats set to 1.
NET_GetBindAddresses found 'Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection - Packet Scheduler Miniport'
Opened Steam Socket NS_SERVER ( virtual port 27015 ) : listen socket handle( 1 )
Opened Steam Socket NS_CLIENT ( virtual port 27005 ) : listen socket handle( 65538 )
Network: IP, mode MP, dedicated No, ports 27015 SV / 27005 CL
BinkOpen( c:\program files\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\media\l4d2_background04.bik )

i have already re-installed using this guide, and i'm still having the same problem. any ideas?

Anonymous said...

same problem as Jakub :(

Kinnar Sen said...

After 2 days of nail-biting and abt 3 bottles of beer,couple of joints and not to mention over 5 hrs of net-surfing for a fix,FINALLY this I've got this shite to work fir meh,CHEERS M8Z,GAME ON...n thnx a bunch

Anonymous said...

Firstly, thanks a million for providing such a complete and systematic page. I loved L4D and i wanted to buy L4D2.
I downloaded a IBBG from piratebay and patched with your files + rev_emu to latest v2009. I wanted to try if it works on my gig first.
However, I do not have flashlights in my game. Totally none. I minimized all settings (my video card is Radeon 9700 mobility with updated Dx9) still same. Anyone can help out with this problem? Gameplay was good with playable Framerates.

Wei Ping said...

I'm not sure anybody else have this problem, but after I patch it to; there seems to be some minor issues with the game :( I often jump back out to the Windows Desktop for no apparent reason; and at certain occasion, it reported that the L4D2 has crashed :( I have not faced any problem with Has anyone have the same problem as I am? :o

Rocking_Star101 said...

Hi! I installed Razor1911's L4D2, updated it, & patched it using the links above. I added -console -novid -nohltv -serverbrowser to the "Target" field in the L4D2 shortcut on the desktop. I also made Masterserver.vdf Read-only. When I try to launch L4D2, it crashed to the desktop saying that "Could not load Library Client". Any help would be appreciated. TY. -Rocking_Star101

Teddybear Tan Jun Han said...

Well, i get the popups ingame often asking me to update the emu as steam001 seems to be not working, help on that ya?

Anonymous said...

im getting the popups about the emulator need updating, it says about the steam001 file not working and keeps popping up ingame, any help on this? using the patch and it keeps happening

Anonymous said...

i use window 7,game version is 2007 n no crash!!

James D said...

I found your downloads for the custom maps but was having trouble getting it to work. I do not see the proper directory referenced in the readme.txt Do I need to create them? Does this require the Addon Support Tool to be installed first?

Thanks for all your good info on this site.

Slippery Jim

Teddybear Tan Jun Han said...

after patching to the 2.0.10 patch + the new emulator, i cant see any steam group games anymore on my main screen as compared to patch, any fixes for this?

Anonymous said...

Dedicated server crashes whenever I try to connect after updating to Could it be revemu's problem? Thanks very much for your effort!

GaИi said...


Use Steamclientv3 without Client.DLL(Original).
Only Issue, The Game will Start Very Slow. No Other Problems

My name is ganesh007, not gamesh007.


Anonymous said...

when installed game from basic and added 2010 full update and rev emu 2010 [v9.81R4] , game starts up ok..
but cant start single player game or multiplayer steam group game. game just exit's to desktop everytime. anyone help ??

satannuts said...

fixed now.. sorry man... funny tho... games :)

Single player works with updated steamclient, but loads slow like GaNi said. the other option is posted above, which is to use Stryder Loader for Single player and switch back to rev-emu for multiplayer... this should be all cleared up in time...

GaИi said...


No Problem....

and yeah, if you are interested, you could share my Standalone Patch if necessary.
Its basically Stryder loader with v10 Client.dll. Works like a Charm.


Look at Downloads Sections. Its an installer like Exglades.

GaИi said...

sorry for the Spam,

Stryder Loader Does work with MultiPlayer too.

Whole Garena is using it, through my patches ofcourse.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have a link to a working patch?
All the variations I try either say steam is required, or crashes at 50%
I did come across the one that took long to load but worked but I've lost it amongst the many patches I downloaded.


Anonymous said...

You have problems running the game? Then buy it you retards! It's a great game and a great company that deserves to be supported.

Sharing the offline updates is fine but stealing games is not. Not to mention that when you download something most of the times it has viruses/trojans bundled with it.

Zyniker said...

Hmmm, i tried playing on 2009 again today and no Steam servers are found so i update to 2010 and update the rev emu but the same thing happens...FML

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: "You have problems running the game? Then buy it you retards! It's a great game and a great company that deserves to be supported.

Sharing the offline updates is fine but stealing games is not. Not to mention that when you download something most of the times it has viruses/trojans bundled with it."

Go back and tell your employee you failed yet again and ask them if they would release a game that isn't BETA to the public and expect them to pay through the nose.

I doubt a car company would release a car with 1 wheel and say "we will update in the future until now pay me!"

As for virii you are wrong, sadly your fear monegring propoganda says alot about your beliefs, if anything we feel sorry for you fool!

Anonymous said...

Rev-Emu 9.81R4 + RevExe <- needs a repack for 2010 [will upload later]
<-- Will this be uploaded for singleplayer action ? Thanks

Anonymous said...

giving you 4 stars cause this helped at least get to the game menu but when starting the game it loads half way and stops and freezes i tried 100 fixes.. .cracks and i could not get pass the stupid ""steam is not running "" engine error pop up at least this fixed that and works but i'm trying again to install and do the whole thing over again to see if i left out anything in the first place then i'll come back and better rate :)

Anonymous said...

"Go back and tell your employee you failed yet again and ask them if they would release a game that isn't BETA to the public and expect them to pay through the nose.

I doubt a car company would release a car with 1 wheel and say "we will update in the future until now pay me!"

As for virii you are wrong, sadly your fear monegring propoganda says alot about your beliefs, if anything we feel sorry for you fool!"

Buahaha... you ARE a MORON! I wonder if your work is worth what they pay you or if you work for free? Of course not. You are also an arrogant dumbass.

Beta??? You really are an idiot. Every game has some bugs/problems that doesn't mean that they should release them for free. Besides stealing games just make the companies put all kind of crap on them. And as for pirated games... most of them DO have virii bundled with them. And I don't work for any game company. Not everyone is a pathetic thief like you. Get a job you dumb looser.

"We feel sorry for you"??? Who's we??? Every idiot thinks they speak for the rest of the world. But that's what you get when you're uneducated and a looser.

As for cars... have you heard about millions of cars recalled all over the world lately??? I guess not... well? Why we should pay them for "beta" cars?

Think before you post... but I guess that is too much to ask. If you have to steal a game then your life must be really pathetic.

Anonymous said...

"Rev-Emu 9.81R4 + RevExe <- needs a repack for 2010 [will upload later]
<-- Will this be uploaded for singleplayer action ? Thanks"

I would like to know that too, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yes, all those Toyotas with all the problems they have all over the world should be marked as BETA and we shouldn't be paying for them. We should get them for free. That's a great idea. I like it.

As for the game it costs only a few euros and it's worth it. I played worst ones and way more expensive.

Anyway, if single player doesn't work then should we update to or should we wait? That's my question.

satannuts said...

["Anyway, if single player doesn't work then should we update to or should we wait? That's my question."]

Yeah there's a fix for SP... I'll add it to my post. Its not made by me,and I'm sure the dude who made it won't mind If I add it to my post... [sup KK]

snakeeater11112 said...

i keep having this problem since i got l4d2.I updated to full update,then installed the RevEmu,but i still get this message saying "could not load library content" Am i not updating something right or what.I have been doing this for the past 3 days and i don't know what the problem is.

swift said...

Fuck this REV-EMU... everytime i tried it, it always came out with Steam is not running bullshit!! Isn't this supposed to make this NON - STEAM?? im running XP and im sure ppl with 7 or vista dont get this error...

Anonymous said...

Everytime I run it, it crashes to desktop and says "Steam is not turned on. Steam is needed to run this game". Is there anything extra I need to do to disable steam like install a patch or some other steps besides the ones in this blog? Any ideas?

Ronald Lim Wei Xuan said...

Yep thats right it happen to Vista And 7 as well.I found out the problem though, it is with the pacther forgetting to put the cracked left4dead2.exe inside.


LuiS.JS said...

Yeah, also doesn't work for me. Windows 7 32bit. I have the clean version you posted + the patch + the latest revemu posted here, and it closes because "Steam is not running." Before this didn't happen.

satannuts said...

yep. the full update includes the original exe and the "rev-emu_fixed2" is missing the fixed exe. So Everyone who used the full update and then the "fixed2", would get "Steam not running".

I've added a new repack [and re-ordered the downloads in the order they need to be installed].

The new repacked rev-emu includes the missing left4dead2.exe that should clear up the "Steam is not running" problems.

Let me know if it works for you guys... :P

Anonymous said...

it helped, thx :)

Anonymous said...

It works.
Thanks for the guide.

Anonymous said...

I use the Globe version (1.2GB) and apply the crack as instructed.
I can play it with sound but after I join this LAN game at garena, there is no sound in the game.

After I restart the game, there is sound in the menu but not in the game.

I try to reinstall and it works but it sucks to reinstall frequently.

How to fix this? Thank you.

LycanKnight said...

Mr Anonymous (This is stupid),
Globe version require you to rebuild sound cache before playing or there will be no sound.

To EvilPc admin,
How do i remove the Setti master server? It seems to pop bak out again after i detele the WHOLE config folder (bin/config)

Zucchi said...

see, i downloaded this file

do i have to patch or anything or i can just start garena and play online?

LycanKniDog said...

Mr LycanKnight(This is VERY stupid),
So how to rebuild sound cache using the Globe version?

To EvilPc admin,
Where exactly you get the Update exe files?
Where kkhafi post it? I think it's better to ask him directly since you are just a copy cat.


satannuts said...

"To EvilPc admin,
Where exactly you get the Update exe files?
Where kkhafi post it? I think it's better to ask him directly since you are just a copy cat."

Rebuild cache been posted before - go find it. Update.exe's were made by me. What is this copycat bullshit. Go Fuck Yurself and go back to garena.

Anonymous said...

To Evil PC admin,
I am really sorry for my earlier comment. I was not thinking clearly at that time and I fucked up.
Sorry for my stupidity.
I appreciate your hard work to help other n00bz like me.

Regarding to the No Sound problem, what I did to solve it is I set all files and folders in the installation directory to Read-Only.
Hope it helps.

rik said...

L4D2_Rev_Emu_Fix_v2011 mirror

LycanKnight said...

WOW? There is a fucker here named LycanKniDog?? Ha since you are too noob to answer ppl's question GO HELL I meant it is stupid addressing to a Anonymous person. GO GET A LIFE BITCH


To EvilPc admin,
How do i remove the Setti master server? It seems to pop back out again after i detele the WHOLE config folder (bin/config)

Please answer my question =)

satannuts said...

I don't understand your question.
You un-check the read-only flag on Msterserver.vdf and then deleted the config folder it was in?

If so, and setti still shows:
check your autoexec.cfg [or server.cfg] if you have these in your cfg folder and look for "setmaster" line if it exists.
delete it.

If its still there, in-game - go to console and use the setmaster commsnd to add/remove/enable/disable master servers.
Usage: setmaster

Type: help setmaster
will show you the above info.

so to remove a master server type:
setmaster remove IP:port
setmaster disable ip:port...

that help you out?

If it doesn't, let me know, there maybe a file or two I can have you delete to set things back to default....


Anonymous said...

I have a question.

Right now, i'm using the Globe version (1.23GB) and using the update and revemu from here.
But i still crash.

Does anyone have any crash with the 4GB version from here?

If no, maybe I will download it.
Please reply thank you.

LycanKnight said...

@EvilPc Admin

Will try it out first thanks =)

swift said...

That 2011 full update is the most retarded shit iv ever seen!! Radial menus wont work and to top it off, you cant even see the kick votes when prompted for a vote!! NOPE the rev-emu, update, l4d2 in this site is a FAILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

satannuts said...

radial menu and kick vote problems?
Easy to fix. Good luck finding out how...

ask for help and ye shall receive.
Act like an asshole, then go fuck yourself.

have a nice day. :)

LycanKnight said...

@TheEvilPc admin

nope =( still dun work... what files are needed to be remove?

Anonymous said...

i updated to 2011 n all i get is 'Could not load library client'...
are there no solution for this??

Anonymous said...

Here is my problem in the nutshell.

I migrated to however custom maps stopped to work till i used the latest revloader. However it showed a different serverlist.

the new revloader seemed to be able to start custom maps.

However, now i used the old MasterServer.vdf file with the new rev-loader my custom maps don't work now.. wtf.. I already tried reinstalling the addon + addon update

Anonymous said...

Ah i figured it out.. appears you have to run all the vpk again for each time you update the files so they get reinstalled. Otherwise your custom maps will crash after an update.

Anonymous said...

Please people.....ive looked everywhere and i cannot find a single explination..all i want to do is be able to type sb_allow_leading into the console and it work so that the bots arnt always following me, but i know its a hidden cvar, step by step intructions would be greatly appreciated on how to make the sourcemod and stuff work, ive downloaded the clean v2.0.0.0 and patched it to straight from the download links on the site, and when i try to type sv_cheats 1 it says that i have to type map mapname. I dont know what thats about. But if anyone can help me you will be my hero

Anonymous said...

I'm back again :( it appears the problem is i can only run 1 custom map then i have to reinstall the game entirely again before i can start another custom campaign. I used the L4d2 file checker and this is the result. Of course this checker was for garena versions

Testing files in digest: C:\L4d2\Left.4.Dead.2-THEPiRATEGAY\checksums.exf

There were errors.
20160 files passed checksum validation.
9 files failed checksum validation.


Anonymous said...

Sup, I'm getting the "could not load library client" error too, I did all by the tutorial, still nothing. Any chance of getting cleint.dll and server.dll uploaded?

Anonymous said...

Rev_Emu for 2.0.13 was rushed and broken...cheers for the efforts and double cheers for whoever fixes it!

Anonymous said...

Fatal Error
VSteam is not running. RevEmu requires VSteam to be running if you arent hosting a dedicated server!
help i keep getting this error message

Anonymous said...

What's with this error now? (


I installed Left 4 Dead 2
Used the full update
Used teh RevEmu patch
Did all the required steps.
Now I get that error

I did the steps yesterday
Whats the deal?

Anonymous said...

Anyone getting the VSteam error needs to read this blog!

There is a newly repacked Rev_Emu that enables the game to work.

Cheers to SatanClaus for the fix.

All that remains now is a fix working with server browser for cracked servers.

Anonymous said...

serverbrowoser not showing cracked servers

What..? said...


okay, so is installed and working.

1.) Takes forever to load, compared to
2.) I can NOT do anything with games online (using openbrowserserver (nothing connects) nor 'connect ip')

I'd use but I can't play online without hosting my own game and my upload speed sucks.

I'd get the "expecting, got" error which is complete rubbish

Whats the deal here? =\

Anonymous said...

Can i use the mutation mode on the 2.0.13 version?

If yes, how??


satannuts said...

For those with V-Steam errors = grab the repacked rev-emu and make sure you comment out the following line with a # like so: #ClientDLL=blah blah...

NOte: you can also use the older rev-emu's for v2011: either the fix, or the fixed2... This will allow the "old-faster-loading" and working serverbrowser/steamgroup. BUT You will be using an older rev-emu/game files which might also bring potential bugs/instability.

Best Bet is to use the latest files, and use Qtracker to view/connect to servers until the browser is working again - as it was for l4d1 [history repeats itself]...

Also, any server admins having trouble with crashing at server start, remove sourcemod and metamod temporarily and use the newest ESt/VUP package to fix the server. You will find the server works, but compatiblilty with certain plugins [perhaps even SM or MM] may be causng the crashes... I will be testing this out tonight to see what exactly the problem is.

ood luck, and happy zombie killing!!

Duggy! said...

I've done all the right steps, update 1st THEN the patch (3 times!)

I get as far as the loading screen at startup before it crashes to desktop, no error is given!

satannuts said...

Check rev.ini and place # in front of ClientDLL=blahblah line.

Make sure to re-download rev-emu as it was recently rpacked.

If you have sourcemod ormetamod installed, temporarily remove them as the 2013 update breaks compatibility.

Duggy! said...


Thanks for the reply!

I have the rev-emu repack, intalled the update and then the patch. The rev.ini file is correct. I don't have sourcemod or metamod installed.

The game still crashes after the intro and dumps an MDMP file!

My game has been killed :P

Anonymous said...

I used the steamclient.dll file in the latest Rev-Emu pack released about a week ago, and I think it stopped the crashing I was having right after getting to the menu.

I was able to play a game before messing around with it again and breaking it.

The left4dead2.exe they have doesn't work for me and gives me an error about a DLL.

satannuts said...

@Duggy! and @anoymous:

Install the full update 2013, the incremental 2014, then the rev-emu and try to run the game. If it crahes, try rebuilding your sound cache as explained in the " L4D2 Problems and Solutions" post.

If the game still doesn't work after that, then follow the Alternative loading methods at the bottom of this post.
Rename Client.dll.bak to client.dll and use the RevCrew's Modded Exe to start the game.
Note: The default client.dll is fixed to work with the rev-emu for 2013 [and above]. The one with the .bak extension [make sure to enable viewing extensions in windows folder options] is the dll you want to use with the rev-crew's exe that Anonymous linked...

hope everything turns out ok for you two///

C64 said...


Another great update. But could you please split the full update to 200MB parts? Unfortunately I'm on a limited bandwidth and I am not able to download 715MB file.

Thanks in advance.

Irritant4 said...

1. Installed L4D2_Full_Update_2013_The_Passing.exe

2. Installed L4D2_Update_2013_to_2014.exe

3. Installed L4D2_Rev_Emu_for_v2013.exe

4. Deleted sound cache per the Problems Solution post

5. Checked for #ClientDLL=steamclient_l4d2.dll in rev.ini

6. Don't even know what sourcemod or metamod is, so I don't think I have that installed

The game still crashes after the intro and dumps an MDMP file like Duggy's

7. Make sad face at my monitor.

seb c said...


this method works fine for me (full 2013, then 2014, revemu doesn't worked, then installed revcrew's exe)
Just wanted to say that with the revcrews exe you can uncomment ClientDLL=steamclient_l4d2.dll , so you can have the server list in menu screen.

Anonymous said...


Please update your guide to say the following:

1) install game
2) install 2.0.13 update
3) install 2.0.14 update
4) install addon
5) install addon feb5th
6) install authoring tools
7) install latest revemu
7a) edit name 2x in rev.ini
7b) make .vdf read only
7c) decomment (remove #) next to client
7d) copy over revemu fixed .exe

Pretty much if any of these steps are missed youre stuck with a crashing installation or no multiplayer online gaming.

Lastly, you've been doing a great job but another pro tip is that people can CLONE their installation directory by copy/paste and test future updates/fixes etc without ruining their working install with an old version.

Anonymous said...

Hello, everythings works fine to me, exept when i try to play a custom compagin/map i get this message : L4D2 would like to download addtionnal game data that many addons require to work properly, wish you to install this additionnal data game now? if i press yes nothing happend. the loading screen always crasch exactly in the middle of loading ! i have already install : L4D2 Add-on Support and L4D2 Add-on Support Update Feb5. can someone help me plz? thank you a lot

r1dr12aj said...

So I did all of this and the game loads up fine, but I can't play online. openserverbrowser doesn't work, and I don't want to use anything like qtracker, so what can I do?

Duggy! said...

Well, I've done everything:

Reinstalled L4D2
Installed 2013 update
Installed 2014 update
Installed Revemu 2014
Did all necessary checks (rev.ini, .vdf to Read-Only)

Not a thing has changed, still crashing.

Thanks for the help but fuck this game!!

satannuts said...

Are you tring to play singleplayer game or online?
you may need to either comment out or comment the ClientDLL line in rev.ini. - I've updated the guide with info on how to do that in the Install Rev-Emu section.

@Anon who suggested I update the guide.
Done, so enjoy.

Duggy! said...


Well, I'm just trying to get into the game, it crashes at the loading screen after the intro

I've changed the comment on the Client.dll back & forth, no difference.

Rebuilt the soundcache, no difference

I've tried your other suggestions above but still nothing.

My game is fried when I install this update.

r1dr12aj said...

Ok I followed the new guide and I see all the server lists and steam group servers, but I get an error when I try to connect to a game.

It says something along the lines of:

Expecting 2014, got 2007
Expecting 2014, got 2011

Anonymous said...

it works fine for me last time i update to 2011 no crashes. many thanks. now im DLding the passsing.

Anonymous said...


Irritant4 said...

Followed the guide to the letter and getting no change in crashes...just like Duggy's.

commenting or uncommenting ClientDLL=steamclient_l4d2.dll makes no difference. It just keeps making crashdumps.

The Passing, I wish you were never born.

Anonymous said...

Works great on globe's release. Only problem I'm having is slower loading screen.

Nice job admin and thank you.

Anonymous said...

Well here's the story:

There seems to be 2 left4dead.exes in the place where I extracted the l4d files: one in the directory before the one named left4dead2 and one in the directory named left4dead2.

I've been playing using the one in the first directory (not the one in the \left4dead2 directory) and its been working fine.

However, I just downloaded the DLC (The Passing) into the \left4dead2 directory and the updates and the rev_emu thing and I try to open the left4dead.exe in the \left4dead2 directory and it tells me it can't find "steam_api.dll".

Does this mean I installed something incorrectly or is there a file missing? Should I try to re-patch and re-update? Because the left4dead2.exe I've been using before (the one before the \left4dead2 directory) is still working fine, but it doesn't have The Passing campaign installed.

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

OK I haven't installed the 2014 update, but hear me out.

I downloaded the clean 2.0.0 files from the above links, installed the 2013 update, installed rev-emu 2013, did NOT install any add-on support or authoring tools.

Loaded into the main menu fine, used openbrowserserver in console to get the server browser, clicked 'custom', got around 100 or so servers, tried to connect to them... but all returned this error in the console:

"Invalid protocol, expecting 2013, got 2011"

So most of the servers are still using version 2011? How do I connect to such a server?

Anonymous said...

@ Irritant4

"The Passing, I wish you were never born."

You are an idiot!

@ satannuts

Works without any problems.

Anonymous said...

helo there can anyone help me with this error. Can't find background image 'materials/console/background01.vtf'. i just update incremential 2011 to 2013. my 2011 works fine until i try to patch 2013 passing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these patches. They are working fine.
Just wondering how non-steam users are going to handle one update per week, now with this mutation system. =D

Anonymous said...

Scratch my previous post - I got L4D2 to at least run now: it turns out I was missing some files and I installed the DLC+patches in the wrong left4dead2 folder.

Anyway, several new problems have come up now.

Although the DLC+patch update worked (I can see the Mutation option and The Passing campaign), when I try to install extra addons (ie. L4D1 survivor skins) it tells me that I don't have add-on support. I'm 100% certain that I got this add-on to work before I did anything with the base files, so I don't know what's wrong here. The version I downloaded was already patched with add-on support, but it might be outdated - I don't know.

Secondly, when I try to run any campaign, the game CTDs (crashes to desktop) halfway when loading. I haven't done anything to the original program except install the DLC+patches and remove a couple of ...odd sound files (they were overriding the original sounds). I've already attempted to solve this problem by disabling DEP, but to no avail. (I'm using Windows 7)

Is there any way to fix these two problems or should I try to re-install it again?

Anonymous said...

Ah, I apologize for all these comments, but I solved the issue with the CTD on loading campaigns. It turns out I didn't have the correct line commented out in rev.ini.

The only remaining problem I have is the inability to use add-ons despite the fact that I clean-installed add-on support from here.

Any ideas?

Anonymous said... to update dl doesn't work as well for the revemulator

Anonymous said...


Could you please split the update into smaller parts 100MB or 200MB?

With the limited bandwidth I am not able to download the entire 750MB file at ones.

Thanks for your work.

jimmy gibs jr. said...

@ r1dr12aj:

This issue is because you are trying to connect to a server running a different version to which you ( = 2014)
Actually, just there are a few servers running version

jimmy gibs jr. said...

I have a question:

What is the screen that shows Steam servers on the principal menu of l4d2? It works? because when I click on one of this servers, the game freeze :0

satannuts said...

@Could you please split the update into smaller parts 100MB or 200MB?

someone already did...

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