Killing Floor - No Steam Edition.

killing floor game patches no steam

Current Game Version:

Nov 22, 2011 - Updated with all new files!
Dec 11, 2011 - Added Twisted Christmas Update! Dec 14, 2011 - Added Update
Dec 22, 2011 - Added missing file and fixed KF_Update_1028-1030.
Jan 7, 2012 - Added Update_1031_to_1032

Killing Floor, minus Steam, is available online for all ye treasure hunting pirates out there.

About the Game:  Killing Floor is a Co-op Survival Horror FPS set in the devastated cities and countryside of England after a series of cloning experiments for the military goes horribly wrong. You and your friends are members of the military dropped into these locations with a simple mission: Survive long enough to cleanse the area of the failed experiments!

Comparisons to Left 4 Dead from wikipedia: Even though Killing Floor beta was released as a total conversion mod for Unreal Tournament 2004 three years before Valve Corporation's Left 4 Dead, another survival horror first-person shooter, the retail version of the game, being released relatively close to Left 4 Dead, has drawn some inevitable comparisons. The Killing Floor developers have stated that the two games are very different.
Gamers, however, have found several subjects from which to compare the two games. For example, one such subject is the list of enemies—Left 4 Dead's Boomer, a fat, toxic-vomiting zombie that explodes with zombie-summoning goo upon death, can be considered a direct counterpart to Killing Floor's Bloat, a fat, toxic-vomiting, machete-wielding specimen that slumps into a pile of damaging goo upon death. Other notable comparisons are Left 4 Dead's zombie the Screamer (which was eventually cut from the final release), which yields a close resemblance to Killing Floor's Siren specimen.

How to Play Killing Floor [minus Steam]:
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 - Download and install: 32-bit or 64-bit Microsoft's .net Framework 3.5 - Download and install .net 3.5

Quick Setup

I. Install Killing Floor: Download and install Killing Floor clean Files:
  1. Download all 7z parts [.001 through .009] into a new folder.
  2. Download KF_1028_clean_TestArchives.7z and extract it to the folder with the 9-part 7zip files.
  3. Run TestFiles.exe to check file consistency. 
  4. If a part fails the test, re-download the corrupt file and check again.
  5. Use 7zip to extract files to a new folder.
II. Update Killing Floor: Update KF to the latest version using the update installers linked below.
The Full Update will update any version of KF.
Incremental Updates will update only one specific version to another specific version.

III. Download and Install Defence Alliance 2 [OPTIONAL]: Install the first official Killing Floor MOD - Defence Alliance 2. 

IV. Download and Install Map Packs [OPTIONAL]: Install Map Packs to minimize map downloading when connecting to servers.
For Map Packs see EPCGaming's Map Pack Topic.
For discussion and support, see the Map Pack discussion thread.

V. Patch game and Play with RevLoader. Install KF_revLoader to your KF installation folder.
Open rev.ini with notepad and set your name.

VI. To Play on Private servers / Cracked Servers: For Killing Floor private server list - go to
Add cracked servers to the in-game browser "Favorites" tab and click join to Play!

For instructions to set up a dedicated server, please read this post:
Killing Floor Dedicated Server Tutorial for Windows

Have Fun!!
killing floor screenshot

Notes as of v1008:
RevLoader needs to be installed to the root KF folder [not system].
Please delete any older revLoader files from the System folder if they exist:
rev.ini -- revApps.ini -- revLoader.exe -- steamclient.dll
steam.dll -- tier0_s.dll -- vstdlib_s.dll -- steam_appid.txt

Notes as of v1011:
the revLoader.exe needs to be renamed in order to join LAN/online servers.
Prefixing it with KF_ will do fine. [ie. KF_revLoader.exe]


v1.0.2.8 full clean files [~1.7 GB]

Older Updates are listed further down the page.
If you have a game older than v1014,
it would be more efficient to download the Full clean files
and install a fresh game. For everyone else:

Twisted Christmas Event!
Includes: Steampunk character pack, new weapons, and the new Ice Cave Map.
 This will update any version at or above v1.0.2.8 to v1.0.3.0.
276 MB exe \ 651 MB installed

KF_Update_1030_to_1031 Mirror
This will update version v1.0.3.0 to v1.0.3.1. [Dec 14, 2011]
2.8 MB exe \ 43.7 MB installed

*NEW* KF_Update_1031_to_1032 *NEW*
KF_Update_1031_to_1032 Mirror
This will update version v1.0.3.1 to v1.0.3.2.
[Jan 6, 2012] 17 MB exe \ 83.5 MB installed

Get the DA2 MOD: 
Defense Alliance 2 mod
Install to your KF Installation Folder.
...See THIS post...

KF_RevLoader_v1028 Mirror
Revolution Loader for Killing Floor v1028 and higher.
This RevLoader installer includes the 10-24-2011 build of steamclient.dll [no logging].
The installer will automatically remove old files,
and it will place a shortcut for Killing Floor on your desktop.

Extract this to the root of your Killing Floor server to allow non-steam users to connect.

For instructions to set up a dedicated server, please read this post:
Killing Floor Dedicated Server Tutorial for Windows 

Killing Floor Christmas event ______________________Archived Updates_________________________

Killing Floor SDK v8 for those who need it: RapidShare - MediaFire - OUTDATED!!
Revolution Loader for Killing FLoor v1017. This RevLoader installer includes the 07-01-2011 build of steamclient.dll [no logging]. The installer will automatically remove old files, and it will place shortcuts for Killing Floor and DA2 on your desktop. MultiUpload  
For Full and Large updates:
KF_Full_Update_to_1014 This will update any version from v1.0.0.0 to v1.0.1.4. 931 MB exe \ 2.22 GB installed MegaUpload
KF_Update_1014_to_1028 This will update any version at or above v1.0.1.4 to v1.0.2.8.
Use 7zip to extract update from 3-part archive. 508 MB exe \ 1.32 GB installed MediaFire KF_Update_1024_to_1028 This will update any version at or above v1.0.2.4 to v1.0.2.8. 68.2 MB exe \ 258 MB installed MediaFire  
For those who have been keeping up, incremental updates: These will update your game in increments.
7 MB exe \ 27.4 MB installed MediaFire
KF_Update_1015_to_1016 259 MB exe \ 587 MB installed
KF_Update_1016_to_1017 53.2 MB exe \ 248 MB installed MultiUpload
Updates by KKHfai  
KF v1017 To v1018 Update MediaFire
KF v1018 To v1019 Update MediaFire  
KF v1019 To v1020 Update MediaFire  
KF v1020 To v1021 Update MediaFire  
KF v1021 To v1022 Update MediaFire  
KF v1022 To v1023 Update
Use 7zip to extract from 3-part archive. MediaFire Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 
KF v1023 To v1024 Update MediaFire
KF v1024 To v1025 Update by KKHfai MediaFire
KF v1025 To v1027 Update by FluX1991 MediaFire
KF v1027 To v1028 Update by killingfloorlover MediaFire Killing Floor Halloween Event


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Versatile said...

We'll I'll be damned. Is this satannuts from EPC?


satannuts said...

What's up, Versatile!

Yes, it is I. :)


rijn said...

sir satannuts is this an update to have some bots?

KF-Player said...

Not working.. Please give more details...

satannuts said...

@rijn: no I don't think so.

@KF-Player: NOTE: In order for the rev-emu to work properly, Download MS Visual C++ and .Net Framework.
see links in L4D server setup post.

HaydenNL said...

Tnx 4 the upload ! Works like a charm....1 question tho, the XP/perks arent saved after completing mission. Is that normal ? Ive heard that the steam version saves XP on steamaccount. Is there a way to keep your XP without having to let your pc run 24/7 ? Thanks !

satannuts said...

Try a different server. XP and stats should be saved, unless the server is running a mod not in the whitelist or has stats disabled.

GCNx1234 said...

game runs fine for me on vista 64bit thanks, but my 2 friends who are on windows XP keep getting errors.

C:\Program Files\Killing Floor\System\revLoader.exe
The application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

my friend has re-installed more than twice and still keeps getting the error. we patched the things in order but still no go.

satannuts said...

In order for the rev-emu to work properly, you need to have MS visual C++ and .Net Framework installed.

I should add that to the post... :)

Ettokun said...

Hey there Satan, great work on this thus far. This is the page I've used for the first two updates and for reference. I just wanted to let you know I've compiled my own version 1002 to 1003 update to Rapidshare. It's been tested on multiple versions of non-steam killing floor and works the way desired. The link is below if you wanted to test it yourself or share it in your post.


satannuts said...

thanks mate. I was just working on this and seen you've beat me to it! Very nice! I'll make an installer and post away!!

Mad creds and props to you for posting that here man! mad love and respect all around!! FTW!!

Huh?? said...

I Can play On G arena KillingFloor after i folow the instruction? Send me the answer at

Ty Dude

rxvt79 said...

when is the server going on 1003 patch?

im getting ENGINE mismatch error on version 1003

thx in advange

rxvt79 said...

when will the serversided be updated till 1003?

satannuts said...

some servers have not updated yet...
usually when a new game update is just released, some server admins may hesitate to update. Some even stay with an older version if they don't like what was changed in the update.

There will be more updated clients than servers sometimes, but eventually it will balance out as admins take the plunge... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there satan, downloaded your installer and crack. Works like charm :) but i was wondering everytime i host a dedicated server through rev-emu and few of my friend connect through LAN and i keep getting message like "Duplicate Steam ID". Is this normal? Appreciate if you can answer my question :)


rxvt79 said...

k thx for anwsering i did a rollback to 1002 so i can join the most servers again ^^ keep up the good work

Big G said...

hi all,
i just wanted to know how to host a dedicated server for this cracked version of the game.tried it by downloading server files from steam but it gives an error occured from steam error message when anyone tries to connect.

Big G said...

hi all,
i just wanted to know how to host a cracked a dedicated server for cracked killing floor.

Anonymous said...

It seems to work fine except that every time i connect to a game i try to load "killingfloorHUD" what is that... and it takes so long that i disconnect....

Is there a way to load that on a site or something


Khalil said...

it works very good... a was playing this game in hamachi with a friend.. and it works very good :p, nice post satan :p

Anonymous said...

I got this error

C:\Program Files\Killing Floor\System\revLoader.exe
The application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

although I have installed .Net Frameworks and MS Visual C++

Could you perhaps post the rev.ini ?

MouseITA said...

Thx !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My friend also have the same problem!!!

Sergio said...

Thanks you all guys, you have no idea how useful was this page for me! (Im sure you do! :D)

rxvt79 said...

link too rapedshare patch 1004-1005 no working ? or must it be ??

Siul said...

Awesome game I Still having problems trying to play online I read all the tutorials in the web and install all the updates... but i can see the LAN servers with the hamachi...... Daaamn youu Hamachi!


MetalCrazy said...

Will you upload the new updates? Heavy Metal Content? I want to try the AK-47 and that japanese sword.
Thanks for everything!!!!

satannuts said...

MetalCrazy, your wish is my command!!


Anonymous said...

Gracias muchas gracias.
Killing Floor es UN GRAN JUEGO, el parche HEAVY METAL estaba esperandolo con ansias.



Un saludo desde BOLIVIA.

MetalCrazy said...

Great job.
You rule!


Anonymous said...

i have 1 question

how i can reset my PERKS in NO STEAM KILLING FLOOR version?

I HOPE ur answer



Anonymous said...

err when i tried to change my player name the folder isn't named rev.ini instead rev but never the less when i try to change my player and save the changes in the rev folder it says make sure your destination and folder is correct,

satannuts said...

"how i can reset my PERKS in NO STEAM KILLING FLOOR version?"

delete the file "stats.bin" found in yer KillingFLoor\System folder.
The game will create a fresh new one when you start it again.

Anonymous said...

taking a really long time to join server

Anonymous said...

thank you SATANNUTS

Greetings from Bolivia

BRAVO for this BLOG

Anonymous said...

where do you get revLoader.exe

Anonymous said...

Ummm, the updates work, but when I try the 1006 full update, when installed, corrupts the system folder so the game must be reinstalled. Problem with the update, or me?

satannuts said...

its gotta be you... do do do doooo..
its gotta be you... do do do doooo...
after installing the update, after updating, re-install the revloader...
make sure to start game with loader exe...

Neil said...

Can someone post a link to the Heavy metal content pack? I cant seem to find it online, I'm itching to whip out that AK47!!!

satannuts said...

[quote]Can someone post a link to the Heavy metal content pack? I cant seem to find it online, I'm itching to whip out that AK47!!![/quote]

Its already included in the Update. :P

Anonymous said...

I have tried to download the latest version for killing floor(v1006) but when i download the file it says damaged media or incomplete download. i downloaded the incremental update aswell, still did not work. i managed to update to v1005 but i can't get v1006 to work can someone please help?

satannuts said...

^^ try the link in Step one for the KF_v1006 pure files.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate all the effort you put into this :D
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

tio tu blog y el aporte te dire que has echo feliz a una persona y eso deveria hacerte feliz muchas gracias de peru

men thanks a lot you just make my happy alots of thanks and you have to know you do a person happy and that have to make you happy too

from peru good blog and my best desires to you

Anonymous said...

I updated KF to version 1007 from 1003, but now KFedit is crashing, i cant even strart it.

What to do???

Anonymous said...

works great, amazing job :D
not to rush you or sound ungrateful, but i hope that the level up content comes out soon ;)
thanks a bunch

satannuts said...

^^ Ask and ye shall receive!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Hey, Downloaded 1.8 full and we cannot play on lan anymore weve tried so many things and no avail any ideas?

Robin G said...

For some reason me and my mates can no longer connect to LAN games. It stays stuck at the Connecting F10tocancel screen.

Anonymous said...

Weird, I can't connect to any servers (not even my own local) after updating to 1.008.

Bug or antipiracy code?

Anonymous said...

ho, that was fast!
thanks so much! :D not just for the content, but for ur dedication

Victimizer said...

Me and a few buds cant get LAN to work over hamachi with the new 1008 update. Previously worked perfectly, so i guess we just wait it out till things get fixed. it will be worth it and until then guess ill play solo.

satannuts said...

To the folks who made the last few comments:

Due to the nature of the new update, Perks and multiplayer play has changed.

To enable internet/LAN play again, just delete the steam_appid.txt from the KF\system folder and remove the -appid 1250 parameter from yer start up. BUT perks will not be accessible.

To Enable Perks keep the steam_appid.txt in system folder, BUT internet/LAN play is unavailable.

Hopefully we get a new version revLoader one day.

and thanks for all the kind words.

Anonymous said...

Arr great game me and some friends used to play with revloader lan games but this new update screwed things up, Any chance revloader will be updated to allow lan games with perks again any time soon?

Anonymous said...

The 1.008 fix doesn't work for me. Still the same issue, cannot connect to any server.

77 checksum errors from \Sounds\ and \Music\, shouldn't be related to this. Also 2 errors from \System\:


Using old KaOs KF repack torrent and 1.008 FULL patch.

Anonymous said...

1.Go to KillingFloor\System folder and move [or cut and paste]:
to yer Killing Floor Installation Folder.[C:\ProgramFiles\Killing Floor]

2.Edit Rev.ini and change:
ProcName=Killingfloor.exe to ProcName=System\Killingfloor.exe

3.Change your startup parameter: [yer shortcut target or yer startup .bat]
-launch System\killingfloor.exe -silent.
This is spose to fix the lan problem rigth??

Anonymous said...

There were errors.
531 files passed checksum validation.
3 files failed checksum validation.
1 files were not found.



Anonymous said...

hi, I Download and install Killing Floor Steam - GTI REPACK and make full update to v1008 but i can't play with my friend on lan. Why? to play in my home made lan i use this:

but that pack dont work at v1008 :S any soluction to play KF at mey home made lan? thaks :D

Anonymous said...

Trying the 1.008 file check again.

New, clean install (GTI + 1.008 FULL update) gives 2 errors:
- System\KFEd.exe
- System\steam_appid.txt

After running the game, it gives 4 errors:
- System\KFEd.exe
- System\steam_appid.txt
- System\KFMod.ucl
- System\ServerFilters.ini

Tried v1.008 fix on this install, didn't work. Still cannot connect to any servers. Looks like RevCrew really needs to release updated Steam DLLs.

Thanks for the great blog, satannuts!

Anonymous said...

those are the problems i guess still cant connect to eachother over hamachi with that said fix

John_Ray said...

does the update fix for v1008 works for LAN? if its working im confused how to mae it work

Evripidis T. said...

Yeah eventually. Found a proper fix for RevLoader and 1008 edition of KF. Tried it online and works. satannuts you can contact me in to send you the update, test it and then post it here

Anonymous said...

The 1.008 update works great but after a few hours I can´t view my profile and achievements. Also I can´t play on-line.
Somebody help me...

Anonymous said...

Hello Guys, the 1008 fix allow me to boost my perks but only when i'm connected to the internet so I can't boost my perk in a LAN game. I tried to use the original revloader too but it's the same thing.

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me how to host a dedicated cracked server on the internet?

Anonymous said...

3.Change your startup parameter: [yer shortcut target or yer startup .bat]
-launch System\killingfloor.exe -silent.
man....what i have to do with this ?

Valter said...

Hi. I have a little prblem. I got the game, already updated to 1008. But i can't connect to any server! On screen i see: "Connecting to Server (F10 to cancel)" etc... But i can't join the server. :\ Any suggestions?

Valter said...

I can't connect at any servers! On screen is only the black screen, saing "Connecting to server (F10 to Cancel)" etc...

Any Suggestions? Plz. I love this game :(

Evripidis T. said...

Bitches and Gentlemen!
I have uploaded my recent discovery about the 1008 crack. Just click on this magic link
BUT BEWARE! ONLY FOR 1008 EDITION. The owner of the blog can try the file and let the others know. Worked for me.

satannuts said...

sup, Evripidis.
sorry had major pc issues this weekend. had to re-install my S and do data recovery on my 500gb data drive - what a headache.

I checked out yer fix and see you used the original rev-emu client.dll from the first KF fix. [back in may]

I've put together a similar fix, that uses the latest rev-emu.
Its pretty much like your fix except it also includes [and requires] the rev-emu steam.dll.

I haven't tried connecting to servers with either fix tho, I'm still recovering files off my data drive. [damn corrupt MasterFileTable.]

thanks for posting here.
Here's the fix I put together before my pc catastrophe.

Pachari said...

Can someone re-upload the 1007 to 1008 update pls? On all sites its the same link and its "offline"

Anonymous said...

umm, i think the links for the v.1008 update have been removed :S
any other way to get it?
thanks in advance :)

Smokai in the sky said...

Hi! Something is wrong with your fix. My perks grows up on solo game only if the internet is connected, when I just unplug the cable the perks stops growing. It means that in LAN no one can boost perks.

John_Ray said...

hi, i tried both cracks that is posted and both still has problem connecting on LAN.

-The version v1008 im using is the v1007 to v1008 update. if someone is playing this on LAN and make it works pls help. thanks :)

John_Ray said...

Hi, i tried both cracks that is posted and both still has problem connecting on LAN. The v1008 im using is the v1007 to v1008 update. Thanks.

Evripidis T. said...

Ok dude. Thanks for checking it out. Don't hesitate to post the link if it works 100% properly. And good luck with your data recovery =)

satannuts said...

what the... damned MegaUpload...
the 1008 are gone... I'lkl be re-upping them and adding working links in a bit...
hold tight.

satannuts said...

Links fixed for 1008 updates... enjoy...

pinguim0 said...

hamachi does not work but you can play online so host a server go to this website to check your ip and give to your friends, after that open the console and type "open ip" (this is what your friends have to do)

Anonymous said...

The KF 1.008 fix doesn't work.
All of my KF-playing friends and I have the same problem. Read on...

First of all, there are no connectivity issues outside KF 1.008 itself.
Also, KF 1.000-1.007 worked (using revloader) without any problems.

Our KF clients have been reinstalled and patched from multiple different sources. (KaOs/GTI/etc repacks, full/incremental updates.)
Multiple different 1.008 fixes have been tried. (satannuts, Leonfaro, Evripidis T., etc)
Every client has double-checked that there are no revloader-related files in /kf/system/ nor in any other /kf/ subfolders, not even renamed backups/copies.

I have tried hosting a dedicated server through the client files in many combinations with the following differences:
- LAN server
- Internet server
- via Hamachi IP
- via direct IP (with hamachi network adapter and service disabled)
- without steam_appid.txt in /kf/system/ (causes STEAMAUTH to fail on server startup)
- with steam_appid.txt in /kf/system/
- with/without -appid parameter / steam_appid.txt for RevLoader

I have tried hosting a proper dedicated HLDS KF 1.008 internet server.
We have tested running listen and dedicated servers on other machines, same result.
The primary server runs win2003 x64 enterprise, clients run varying OSes from XPSP3 to 7 x64 ultimate.

All clients always see the server as usual, but get stuck loading index.rom, whether in the same physical LAN, VPN connection over Hamachi or even in the same machine!
Clients have tried joining via LAN server browser and via Open IP.

However, legit clients (random outsiders) seem to be able to connect to my server when hosted with a direct internet IP.

So, any ideas?

John_Ray said...

hi is someone using the posted fix and can play on offline LAN? i cant connect both pc with v1008, it stuck at F10. The weird thing is 2 pc can connect on Garena LAN, other 2 pc is cant see Garena LAN and cant connect offline LAN.

John_Ray said...

ok guys i have managed to play on offline LAN. what i did is i edit the rev.ini that is posted by satannuts, in the [Loader] section look for SteamClientDll=steamclient.dll if it has a # at the front just delete it. im still testing it im not saying its 100% fix but i did manage to make it work here on our computer shop. The weird thing is two of our computer can also play on Garena LAN online and can also play on offline LAN while the other two has problem only with Garena LAN so try it out if it will work. v1008 is really awesome.

ilikeglassesgirls said...

Hello, I'm having a craptacular time with the perks working and not working.

before 1008 I could play through steam but no perks worked( but that was normal)
After 1008 I could use perks and they grew.
But after installing map packs the perks refuse to grow.

Also, when trying to play online I can never connect to any of the servers (After placing the ip's of cracked servers into my Favs) they just leave me at the F10 to cancel screen. I know it stays there cuz I left it like that for 30minutes on 5 separate servers(yes I watched it the whole time) and still didn't connect.

aphous said...

Testing files in digest: C:\Jogos\Killing Floor\checksums.exf

There were errors.
531 files passed checksum validation.
4 files failed checksum validation.

i already followed all instructions in and still cant connect to private servers, help plz

pinguim0 said...

Me and my friends play every day. I am the one you hoste the server. i use the v1008 and UPDATE:FIX .
the only thing i do is creat in internet instead lan (so you dont need hamachi), than i give my real ip and they all join steam and nonsteam

Venomsnake said...

Hey can someone tell me how to get a dedicated server running with hamachi? For somereason i cant find my friends server when i try to join it using the LAN connection. I just get stuck in the Connecting ( F10 ) Cancels screen.

CiD said...

Aye mate, I can't seem to get the LAN working. I've tried multiple fixes, but haven't had any luck. Any way you could clarify which fix should work with the 1008 patch?

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU satannuts for the latest update :)

but i cant connect LAN OFFLINE too :(

i´ll wait for the SOLUTION

MY HOPE is with you


COUNTRY : BOLIVIA ---> south america

zild1221 said...

My friends an I all installed the revloader and then did step 4 and 5. Then we did the update fix for version 1008. We can play lan fine via GARENA. Hamachi is known to not work with version 1008, legitimate or not. Also, perks go up fine.

NOW, version 1009 is out so hopefully you guys can do something with that. It fixed a few problems.

Anonymous said...

problem with dedicated server too.

pinguim0 said...

update v1009 ???

Pharmacist[GER] said...

a link for a working version 1009 would be nice...
i loaded the fullupdate on but cant join to servers bcuz of version mismatch.

IDHP said...

There is a new mandatory update for killing floor. The game will not work untill this update is installed. Is is possible to get a link up for this update?

Evripidis T. said...

Damn it people, I am facing a bizarre problem. Perks would advance only if I have Killing Floor running while connected to the internet. So, when I play solo totally offline they won't advance but they'll do when I have an active internet connection. WTF? Any suggestions ? 1008 is such a pain in the ass.

Qrucifix said...

Hi, I'm facing a weird problem. I've installed the patch 1008 and suddenly no more lan... but 1009 come, but no it doesn't even start!
I've tried reinstalling every thing but same problem. when I press revloader he says "Unable to execute command System\killingfloor.exe (2)"
any ideas ?

Anonymous said...

I updated to 1009 but I got the same issue as with 1008. when joining over LAN or Hamachi, it's get stuck in this weird black screen f10 to cancel thing.

how do you fix this problem ? so I can play whit people within the same LAN?

satannuts said...

for those having connection/LAN issues...

Install the KF_RevLoader_1009 to yer root killingFloor folder.

please delete these files from yer KillingFloor\System folder after updating to 1009:

does that help?

Anonymous said...

Revloader won't open the game without steamclient.dll

Anonymous said...

I tried what you said satannuts, But after deleting steamclient.dll the game couldn't run with a missing file error, I tried replacing the .dll and I still couldn't connect to any Lan servers, stuck at f10 server. Also can you give a Link to Revloader_1009, the one posted above is for revloader_1008, Thanks.

pinguim0 said...

v1010 already exist, can some one post it. but dont know if is true.

Mulch said...

I'm having the connection/LAN issue with 1010, stops at F10Cancels-screen. Anyone that has found a solution to this jet?

Anonymous said...

Yes! Look at the files:


in your System folder of Killing Floor.
search them and delete it.
I found the steam_appid.txt inside and thats why i see only the F10/cancel screen. And you will see the game will join ;)

Anonymous said...


look inside your system folder and delete the steam_appid.txt
after this you can join ;)
If not look for the files in your system folder and delete it:

Mulch said...

Thank you both for the answer. I tried it out with a friend over Hamachi. We removed the files you mentioned, unfortunately we still have the same problem. Could there be anything we did wrong? Should we maybe try a bit earlier version than 1010? 1009 or 1008? Also, shouldn't I be able to join my own dedicated server? Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Everything is fine for me, yet when i download the crack file you have for Step 4, I don't receive a file called revLoader.exe

Can someone help? Would be very appreciated =].

Anonymous said...


i tryed with 1007~ 1010 but it wont work.
thats why i delete all and and followed the steps. the BEST is download the full game with torrent and download the 1010 full update. then check the files (example steam_appid.txt) inside the system folder and delte them. after that i can join :)

see ya ingame ;)


Anonymous said...

@Mulch again^^

i heared that will not work with hamachi right now. you dont need that anymore :)
try to copy his IP and put it on favorite (add ip ingame with copy and paste) it should work :)

see ya


Anonymous said...


did u look in your killing floor folder and NOT in your kill floor/system folder?

greetz -=PB=-

Anonymous said...

when i try to join a server it loads "killingfloorHUD" it loads so long it disconnects can someone help

Mulch said...

I'm now trying to test KF on Win7. How ever revLoader doesn't seem to work, at least not on the x64-edition. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

satannuts said...

I'm on win7 x64 Ult over here...
KF works great...

RevLoader doesn't work?
Prolly need Visual C+ x64 and .Net installed. Added that info to beginning of the guide.

sorry, most folks already have this installed...

Anonymous said...

Still have Connecting F10 cancels problem. need helpp!!!

Brak_Arg said...

Hey, if we play online, on a server, the server can save our perks (progress) even if we RevLoader can't save it on 1008?

LiX3 said...

Can someone plz upload 1010.2 patch to megaupload or other site ? I can't dl it from rapid.

Anonymous said...

Well... thanks for your work. Runs like a charm ;)
Win7 x64 - runs on both LAN and Solo - didn't test with online yet - both with perks enabled :)

djcenox said...

1011 not working with lan server i tried we need a revloader update?

Anonymous said...

I have the same issue. The game freeze on the "press F10 to cancel

VR48 said...

Got updated to 1011 (1010v2), ran the Test Check from this site, put the shortcut as requested, deleted necessary dll's and txt's from KillingFloor\System; Tried Local LAN (Got 4 comps networked) and it hangs in F10 (Connecting).

Anonymous said...

You need the latest revloader:
Also, don't forget to start the game from Play.exe instead of revLoader.exe.
Have fun!

VR48 said...

Yes that's the ticket! You guys work fast, jebus. Everything's fine now. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much man! This helped me alot. =)

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

yo tnx so much ur the best! keep it up dude!

Anonymous said...

KF_Full_Update_to_1011.exe -> download file is gone!

Re-upload it please!

satannuts said...

KF_Full_Update_to_1011.exe -> download file is gone!

Re-upload it please!

Re-upped... new link added.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting that the link for full V1011 download is gone, something about copyright D: .

Anonymous said...

The link u ga\/e is stictly for premium user. unless u can help me download it and send to my email add? that would be alot of help. . thats the email add. been trying to sol\/e the "connecting" screen for soo long now. hope someone could help by sending the file directly to me. thanks!

RapidshareSearch said...

Thanks for this post.I like rapidshare and I would welcome rapidshare links.

Ian said...

Hey thanks for the mediafire upload links but i don't know what i'm doing wrong with downloading the full update to 1011 files.. everytime i finished downloading all 4 of the files and when i try to extract it, i get a file corrupt error.. i've used both dta and jdownloader and both ending with the same results.. can someone help me out.. i appreciate it..

dream3rz said...

Hey, I've tried updating via the seperate rar files through mediafire. I then used 7zip to add them all together and extract. When i attempt to open the .exe file, it states that "Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media." I've re-downloaded these 4 files also by raipidshare and still no luck.

Asiistance will be greatly appreciated and I can be contacted via ""

Thanks before hand.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, I have uploaded the old full update to 1011 from when it was still on megaupload, I kept the file so I uploaded it to

Just search for Killing Floor Update 1011 and my username is MasterTorque, enjoy ya'll.

Anonymous said...

I download KF_Full_Update_to_1011.exe from mediafire. I download 4 of the files but there is an error. That is the CRC integrity check error. I download 4 of the files twice already. Is there any error in the files??

Ian said...

i've got the same problems with the above as i've mentioned but i managed to work around by copying friend's KF and patched it. Now my question is, where are all my perks saved since this is a no steam KF. Any reply us much appreciated ;D

Anonymous said...

Ian, perks are saved in your KF's "System" folder as stats.bin.

Anonymous said...

problem plz help...
when the game makes a mapchange it often stucks up at the loading screen.after some minuts it kicks me back to the main menĂ¼, or i get finaly connected or sometimes nothing happens.but always waiting and wondering what happen, sucks !!!
anyone a idea whats wrong ??? (im using 1011 but had the same prob at 1010)(iv shouted of precaching)

P.S. could you plz add the 1011+ update and the defence allianc 2 mod

Anonymous said...

I am having the hang with ver 1011 on the press f10 screen full fresh install from the files recomended here.

I only after LAN working for my Lan Nights, tried all surgestions on this page no joy so far.

Anonymous said...

There's the version 1012 out, can we have a download link?^^

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!
Im really grateful for your diligence in updating :D

Anonymous said...

I get a critical error mesage when i launch KFEd.exe


Build UT2004_Build_[2004-11-11_10.48]

OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
CPU: AuthenticAMD Unknown processor @ 2703 MHz with 2046MB RAM
Video: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT (5827)

General protection fault!

History: FTexAlignTools::Init


Help someone, can it be fixed?

satannuts said...

@I get a critical error mesage when i launch KFEd.exe
Help someone, can it be fixed?

Install the KF_SDK_v8 for latest SDK files. It includes the updated KFEd.exe...

Anonymous said...

THX satannuts!!!

Crazy said...

Can't create online game, my friends can't join, ports are open, tried with hamachi, nothing.

Anonymous said...

Can't creat online game, tried with hamachi, ports are open my friends can't join with openn IP command.


Anonymous said...

My friends can't join my game, the game is updated, tried with hamachi, gameports are open. My friends can't join with open IP


Crazy said...

Found a working crack,

It crashes when map switching but you can create the server. No Hamachi needed only game ports.

You guys can add to the guide, if you to.

pinguim0 said... working crack
but some times it crash a bit wen changing map, at least in my pc

Anonymous said...

great game! thx 4 upload. but i've got 2 problems
- game can't connect to master server
-lan dont works

Kenichi said...

satannuts, I really need ur help. I stay in a dormitory and we have to have some firewall of some sort which as far as i know blocks online games. I didn't think it'd affect the killing floor though but I'm not really sure either. We've got internet here but the news tab's just filled with "can't connect to server". I didn't really take that as a problem until I noticed my perks don't level up in either solo or a game I hosted. I haven't attempted a lan game with friends but I don't feel like it without the perks. PLEASE HELP ME! :( I'd really wanna get this to work and I'm stuck here until I graduate which is a few more years from now...

Anonymous said...

The full update 1011+ Mediafire 5-part installer is corrupted. There is an error when trying to install it.

Satannuts, could you please split to 200 MB parts a working full update installer for 1011+ and reupload it?

Thanks in advance.

Kenichi said...

satannuts, I need your help. I live in a dormitory and we have this firewall that blocks online games. Now the news tab is filled with "can't connect to server" but I'm more concerned about the perks because they've stopped leveling up. Please help. :(

Anonymous said...

I second to the request from Anonymous post above about reuploading the 5-part 1011+ update installer. It really is corrupted.

I'm on limited bandwidth and spit archive would really help me.

Thanks Satannuts for your work.

satannuts said...

Two requests for parts for v1011+ update?? Mediafire parts corrupt?
God-damned Mediafire!

I split those updates with 7-zip v9.06 beta... Can someone who originally had corruption issues try extracting the installer from the split archive with the beta version of 7-zip and see if that makes a difference...

Anonymous said...

I did try the newest version of 7Zip but the problem persists. I even joined the parts with the HJSplit. Same problem... installer integrity check has failed.

Then I unpacked the exe file using 7Zip and while unpacking it gave me 5 errors. Some files inside the installer are incomplete/corrupted. That's why when trying to run the installer it gives an "installer integrity check has failed" error.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that I did try 7Zip 9.10 beta and 9.06 beta. Same problem.

Tried unpacking the installer itself one more time. There are 4 files inside the installer reported by 7Zip after unpacking as "broken".

Anonymous said...

Hey Satannuts - another idea... could you check the MD5 checksum for the 5 MediaFire files? Maybe there is a problem only with one of the files.

sebasmos said...

At the top it says "Level up" DLC added but I can't find the link for it on this page. Could someone post it or am I just being a moron?

Zer0 said...

For those who want bots in the game:

Install in system folder and add in mutators tab ^^

IO_Err0r said...

Satannuts - can you reupload a working 5-part installer please? It would help since my stupid ISP has daily limits on how much I can download.

The MediaFire 5-part archive is corrupt. There is an NSIS error when running the installer that says: "Installer integrity check has failed". There are 4 files inside the installer that are "broken". Redownloading the parts didn't help... same error. Using different versions of 7Zip and other apps didn't help either.

Thanks very much for your work.

Anonymous said...

Everytime I tried to update it corrupts my current version of the version of killing floor I have.

01. I tried revUploader and it gives some kind of side by side error.

02. I dont wanna download killing floor all over again it took me 2days to download.

03. So any suggestions how to play online and updating?

without the new updates corrupting my current updated killing floor?

the errors i get when i updated

bink.dll error, and ifc.dll error

So, i had to go back to version 1009.

And I cant even play online with all the guides I have.

I even tried playing on

And nothing.

Anonymous said...

Satannuts I get this error,too.
5-part archive is corrupt
"Installer integrity check has failed"
plz help and thanks for your great upload.

FedeArg said...

I installed the 1006 version then the full 1011+, renamed revloader to kf_revloader, but im having connection problems (doesn't even connect to a server)

TaylorRoxs3 said...

I patch did rev. and and all the steps but in game. When I click join I still get a steam unknow error.

Anonymous said...

FAIL CRC32 Textures\kf_fx_trip_t.utx

FAIL CRC32 Textures\kf_gore_trip_T_two.utx

FAIL CRC32 Textures\WyreTex.utx

FAIL CRC32 Web\ServerAdmin\rootframe.htm

can u help me?


Anonymous said...

I have no problem, with connecting LAN servers, but the perks are not working. not in mp and not in solo.
Could you guys help me in this?

ZeroC00l said...

Verified... the 4 files listed below are "broken".


Can someone pack those files and maybe we could inject those back into the installer. It would be much better to download those files than redownloading all the parts.


Anonymous said...

now listen how to make it work

this thing works for version 1008 and above

found this post and it helped me with 1011+ now lanparties work just perfect


Step by Step how to join Online Servers via Garena

How To JOin Lan
1st Install Killing Floor
2nd Update Killing floor to version 1008
The Fix is used to join Online Servers on Garena

Then there you have it! You Can join Online Servers

How To Host Server
1st After Applying The Killing Floor Version 1008 and The Fix Go To your Root For Example
D:\Killing Floor, Cut these Files
○ Revloader.exe
○ steam_appid.txt
○ rev.ini
○ steamclient.dll
2nd Paste It To your system folder example
D:\Killing Floor\system

Now all the files that the fix has put in ur Root has been put to the system folder

3rd Open rev.ini the one you just paste on system folder ( This is important so that you can host a server )
4th Find these word ProcName=system\killingfloor.exe and change it to ProcName=killingfloor.exe.
( The period at the end of the exe is included.. )
5th Save and Exit rev.ini
6th. Host the game and Have Fun!

Now listen to this most important part

If you put the files back to the system you can host your game BUT you cannot join any servers on garena
Your Friends can join your server as long as you do the HOW TO HOST SERVER steps but you can't join

If you want to join other servers again

Just Follow These Steps

How to Join Server Again ( If you did the How To Host Server Steps )
There are 2 Steps on reverting to join the servers again

A.) Revert ( Easy Way )
The One you downloaded ( Fix Version 1008 ) Run that program again and browse it to your Killing Floor Folder
And tada you can join again but can't Host
B.) Revert ( Moderate Way )
1st Cut These Files From The system folder of killing floor again ( D:\Killing Floor\system )
○ Revloader.exe
○ steam_appid.txt
○ rev.ini
○ steamclient.dll
2nd Paste it back to the root of Killing Floor ( D:\Killing Floor )
3rd Find these word ProcName=killingfloor.exe. and change it to ProcName=system\killingfloor.exe
4th And Tada again! you can join servers again! and yet again can't Host! ( By Host I Mean People Can't Join You )

Anyway I Hope these helps...

( Please Note That if you want to Join/Host Again Just do these steps again! )

Cheers to all the people who shared the fix Information!

[ Last edited by Nextrick at 2009-10-27 03:23 ]

Seitenladefehler ICQ 443198884 said...

If i want to connect:
"Connecting F10 Cancels"
And i can't connect. Pls help me :'( I wanna play online...

dablaire said...

Can't level up with this current version?(v10011+)

My perks stay at level 0?...

Anonymous said...

There is just 1 broken File. It´s the wyretex.utx file. The others are working. I´m having the same problem. Just uploading the wyretex.utx file would be enough.

Anonymous said...

i cant connect to any server it just says "Connecting F10 Cancels".No connection no crash no nothing...

Anonymous said...

I've done everything you said step by step (skipped the map packs though) and KF_revloader crashes instantly. I installed the C++ and .net things. I tried running the game itself too, but that crashes while loading the game. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

warioeagle said...

I followed your steps, ran TestFiles, and got nothing. KF_revLoader fails immediately and the game crashes during map loading when run normally. TestFiles says no errors and I'm running on Vista 32-bit. Please help.

Luka said...

I got this error on file test:

Testing files in digest: E:\Igre\Killing Floor\checksums.exf

There were errors.
537 files passed checksum validation.
4 files failed checksum validation.


The detailed report is too long, but this is what I got. Please help, I can't even start the game!

Anonymous said...

Do you need to download all the map packs?

Anonymous said...

Works perfectly with the 1011+ FullPatch using Garena to host / connect. Won't work with Hamachi though (endless connecting screen).

Maybe its just me, but i had trouble with all the other loaders - even using Garena.

Anonymous said...

to warioeagle

try right clicking on revloader and run as administrator.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of a link to a working v1011 patch that isn't from rapidshare?

Planinec said...

I get stuck at the connect(f10 cancels) screen! I have v_1011 and kf_revLoader, someone please help!

Anonymous said...

HELP ME I CANT CONNECT TO ANY SERVER IT SAYS CONNECTING F10 cancels and i have the latest patch if anyone know how to fix this pls tell me

Anonymous said...

i cant connect to a server with the latest patch it says connecting f10 cancels. SOLUTION?

Hajt said...

Can anyone upload wyretex.utx on rapidshare or mediafire or hotfile. Please

Tim said...

I've created a rar of these files and uploaded it to Hotfile:


Upload it to other mirrors if necessary! For some reason, it kept failing when I uploaded it to Mediafire.

Ev1L_Dev1L said...

Hey i wanna ask if u guys got perk leveling problem on solo mode (v1011)?
Coz my perk seem dun levelup no matter what perks i played on solo mode.. Someone plz help..

Anonymous said...


We had the same Problem.
Either delete (read it somewhere - not tested!) your stats.bin in the /system Folder or get one from one of your friends(works - you get his progress).

To all the guys who have Problems connecting:

I already posted a RS-Link with a loader that works perfectly with v1011 using Garena to HOST AND CONNECT.
Wippien or Hamachi wont work though (at least not for us).

Anonymous said...


I forgot: i hope you know, that using other options then the default ones (enabling the Sandbox) disables your perk progress...

Anonymous said...

Please do not download KF_Full_Update_to_1011.exe file. this file is corrupted.

Anonymous said...

KF_Full_Update_to_1011.exe this file is corrupted. dont download!

satannuts said...

Thanks Anon for the warning. It's been known that the update is corrupted.

I've finally got around to adding new repacked updates and megaupload links. If anyone doesn't like megaupload, then make a mirror and post it here!


Zelimus said...

satannuts can you give me links to not corrupted files all_versions_to_1011 please?

Ev1L_Dev1L said...

Hey anon.. why u said that KF_Full_Update_to_1011.exe file is corrupt? Coz mine works just fine.. I got it from

About enabling sandbox option, i didn't.. I've not try ur method yet.. but will try and let u know the result..

Zelimus said...

Ok i ot the links from the article thanks!
To all who have connectin to server..
Please use this FIX:

Thanks to anonymous!

I have a little poblem;/ when i joinm some server and then it is changing map my map still loading... and cant load and need restart KF :( any fixes for that? :P

Just_me said...

There are 2 "KF_Update_1010_to_1011+" one is 106MB and the other one (feb 25) is 273MB. Why such a difference in size? The full update to 1011+ (feb 25) didn't increase in size. It was and still is 852MB... so why there's such a big difference in the new incremental update with the old one?

Ev1L_Dev1L said...

Hye anonymous, i've try ur method that "Either delete (read it somewhere - not tested!) your stats.bin in the /system Folder or get one from one of your friends(works - you get his progress)."

its not work...

Can anyone tell me how to get the perks levels in solo mode (v1011)?

Zelimus said...

Hello who want all perks lvl 6 and new perk too download the stats.bin from my upload but the site is very slow so u may need to refresh the page several times :P here:

Enjoy ur lvl 6 perks!

Also i have a problem with map loading! When im connecting to server the first time everything its ok and after next map is loading it is StUck and cant load the map ;( and i need ctrl+alt+del and open Kfloor again :( Anyone can help me? whats the problem ?

widowmaker64 said...

Why won't Hamachi work. It is a much better VPN. Has anybody had any luck? I to am have the same problem with maps not loading after game finishes and the game crashed during play? Any suggestions?

aidas said...

I got a problem,when i connect to a server it keeps saying me: Connecting to etc. And keeps connecting forever,help please

Bojangles said...

I AM MISSING FILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


it crashes on startup! please help

Anonymous said...

some1 knows how to play with friends via hamachi?? becuz we cant connect....

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

If you're having connection issues try using a No-Steam program instead of revLoader. Worked for me, I just googled for other sites with the words killing floor - no steam and found some other programs to use and one called something like No-SteamCrack worked fine for me, and revLoader did not. The thing I have uses a Play.exe that you run and will also put a shortcut to your desktop with the words "Killing Floor (No Steam)"

erp the file is called "KillingFloor-NoSteamFix_v1011.exe" so good luck finding it.

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